• "Why?" said Clara. "Why must it be me. Why must I be picked on? WHY?!" she cried out. Everyone in the cafeteria stared at her. She just couldn't stand it anymore, and she ran away with her eyes turned away. Everyone chased after her and comforted her and apologized. She felt accepted...No, that did not happen...in life you may dream but you will be awoken to reality. You may reach for the stars...but you will fall and kill yourself. That is the way if the world.


    Everyone says that if you work hard you will come out well. But maybe you will always be picked on and maybe you will never be accepted. Even if you are, in peoples' hearts there may still be scorn...some people...will never change...will never accept the good and the bad. This is how I feel...no, I am not emo...just waking some people up to reality, and telling them to keep moving in life.

    Thanks for reading this and don't be deterred by this. Don't let anybody try to tell you how to live your life...Okay! Bye