• Unknown angel chapter 2
    part 1

    The unknown angel has no more hopes or any spirit
    her mind is full of darkness and her heart turns black
    her skin turns pale and her veins turn black
    her wings turn black and her halo turns into horns
    she cries every second, every day
    the saddest part was today was her birthday

    part 2

    she sings a song that keeps her sorrow alive "life is like a boat by Rie Fu"
    her suffering never ends untill one day
    she was walking around not looking where she was going
    and she bumped into a guy about her age
    they both looked at aach other shocked and full of fear
    all of a suddent there were sirens everywhere
    he yelled out QUICK COME WITH ME!
    he grabbed her by the arm and ran

    part 3

    they hid inside of a house and he looked out the window
    he looked at her as she stared at the ground
    he knew she meant no harm
    he asked her why she was here nd not heaven
    she told him about it and he told her he was here for her
    he told her she could stay with him

    part 3

    her heart filled with hope and a little happiness
    her heart came back a little brighter
    she found out that she didnt care where she was
    she only cared if she was with him
    the days passed and finally he asked her out
    her heart brightened up and she said yes
    her life has started a new biginning and ended a another with s good ending
    her heart was filled with love and hope
    she was in love and forever will be