• Looking around once more, you grab a large knife from the table. Slowly, turning the rusty doorknob with an ominous creek. Lungs calmly expanding and contracting within your being as your eyes dart from side to side, examining the dark hallway.

    Mildew smoldering beneath the carpet and darkness on both sides of the corridor. A penetrating chill rages through the hall, like frostbite to the bone, then quickly evaporates in the eerie presence of nothing.

    Your hair plastered to your forehead, and limbs twitching ever so slightly, you walk down to your right hand side.

    The carpet feels like fresh mud after a heavy downpour beneath your feet. A gruesome odor pollutes the air. Your face wincing at the slightest inhale.

    Door to door, the hall seems to stretch on and on, until you hear a sobbing. It sounds child-like; almost like a little girl's. You find that it comes from a room to the right of you. As you open the door, you can't imagine what you find.