It had been a couple hours Since Jack,the pumpkin King,Battled his Army Of Vampire against the Durem's Town guards,who was soon defeated,they were soon overwhlemed by the Vast number of vampires,And despite The Vampire army's Blood lust,Jack Spared mercy on them and Let them escape,But Jack hadn't been overjoyed by his win,He had lost A lot of good vampires in The battle,Including One of his Cousins,And many friends deserted him,Saying that Jack wasn't himself and they would take no hand in His soon to be Failed Conquest,But a Small number of them actually Drew weapon toward him,vowing If They ever encountered him again they would Destroy him
    "Master?are you ok?"Said a small voice,Knocking Jack out of his Thoughts and Back to reality,He Opened one eye"Im Ok,Thank you"He answered Back ,it was one of his Sorceress,Anaytat,and Her mighty gargoyle defender Looming Behind her,"why are u up here"she asked"Cause i like it up here",He Was laying down on the Ledge of The durem Clock tower, far above the Streets"I think its peaceful up here",Anaytat shot him a confused look,Jack smiled,"What?im not all fires and war",She just Rolled her eye's And sat down on the ledge beside him,,They both looked up into the stars,It actually Was peaceful ,then there was a Loud Snore,"JACK!"She yelled"did u Just fall Asleep!" "What?"Jack said as he sat up"No,Thats my Hat"she then took a glance behind him..and there it was,Jacks Weird Top hat,Sleeping Contently On Jack's Folded up Maroon duster,"That thing Really Creeps Me out"She Whispered,"Eh,You have to get used to it"He Whispered back,She Jsut Shook her head,"so...any news?""Yea,but its all bad"She Answered,Jack sat up all the way,Now he had a Serious look on his Face,"Were almost out of Food,all of us are gonna have to feed soon,and the storage of animal blood Is Running Dangerously Low... "anaytat Looked at jack who was Thinking Now,"How about this..."he said with a smile"Ill take the boys Hunting and whatever we catch we'll bring it back for the rest of ya"anaytat Smiled,"Sounds good She said and stood up and Steped off the Ledge,Jack now got up,staighted himself up,threw on his duster and hat,which was still sleeping,"Lets hunt"He yelled before a roar of Applause Came From the streets,His Coven,His Army,His Friends,were all ready,Jack then Stepped off the Ledge.....going to Catch his dinner

    this is my First Writing i put on view Online EVER,Plz tell me what u think of it