• And I lived happily ever after. THE END

    This was a shocking story of a cyber relationship that only few tell the real story about it. Most people made some changes in this story, because they didn’t want to hurt people who’ve been having cyber relationship with others. Now, I’ll tell you the real story of a cyber relationship.

    Jake was 14, he likes to play Online web games. He met a girl name melody in a game; melody is 15, she was a sweet, kind and cute girl. They have the same likes and personalities. They became bestfriend for 2 years. They message each other every day and Jake doesn’t want to miss a day without chatting with her. Melody didn’t realize that Jake was so obsessed with her. Last day of October autumn season, this was jakes favorite season. He promised himself that he will tell something important to melody.

    Jake and melody chatted again, Jake made some funny talks to melody and they had a good laugh even they didn’t know who’s really pretending to laugh. Jake suddenly changed the subject; he said to melody that he loved her so much. But melody said “I’m a cyborg, sorry I don’t have feelings for you. Are you a gay? I don’t know what you are saying. I’m very sorry I got to go now, I need to refill my tank with oil… and oh, you can visit me in my home and help me refill my brothers tank with oil. Bye and have a good day”. Jake’s life is ruined and his lovely season turns to nightmare. The good thing is, that day was Halloween and he pretended that melody was joking. Jake is so happy, so happy, so happy, so happy, so happy, soo… happy-he was been sent into a mental hospital and there he dream of her always.

    The moral lesson of the story is: try to know someone’s identity first before having a cyber relationship with them.

    Have a good Cyber Halloween to everyone,
    Farewell, sayonara