• Talking on Aim

    Patrick: Do you like me?
    Hannah: Um.... Yes
    Patrick: Do you love me?
    Hannah: Pat, I do love you. Why
    Patrick: I love you.
    Hannah: Aww, thank you.
    Patrick: No Problem, but its true. I do love you.
    Hannah: And I love you too.
    Patrick: Than lets go out?
    Hannah: You kno we cant go out, remember.
    Patrick: Yeah, I just dont understand why you had to move.
    Hannah: My dad had to take this job here in stupied Ohio.
    Patrick: I wish you didnt have to move, I miss you so much.
    Hannah: I miss you so much too, Hey look who's in here now.
    Patrick: Great. Not.
    Hannah: Pat.
    Patrick: What.
    Hannah: Be nice.
    Patrick: Fine
    Shelby: Hey hannah, hey loser. Wats up hannah how have you been?
    Hannah: I've been good, still not unpacked but i'm doing fine. How have you been?
    Patrick: I hate you shelby
    Shelby: I hate you too pat, i've been fine, not used to seeing you or sister at school.
    Hannah: I havnt started school yet. My parents want us to unpack and everything before we go to school.
    Shelby: Ah
    Patrick: Shelby do you have to be on. I wanta talk to hannah alone.
    Shelby: bout wat
    Hannah: Pat be nice
    Patrick: Fine, shelby its none of ur bussinuse
    Shelby:Fine anyways i gtg.
    Hannah: Ok, bye shelby see u later.
    Shelby: kk bye bye

    Patrick: Finnally
    Hannah: I guss
    Patrick: She's my sister,she gets anyyoying.
    Hannah: Thats still no reason to make her come off.
    Patrick: I'm srry
    Hannah: Its ok, next time be nicer please for me???
    Patrick: Yes for you.
    Hannah: I'll be comming back home soon
    Patrick: Your moving back????
    Hannah: No, for thanksgiving.
    Patrick: YAY! Will I get to see you?
    Hannah: Yeah, I cant wait. 40 days.
    Patrick: 40 days till i see you again.
    Hannah: Same here, I gtg. Srry
    Patrick: Ok same here. I love you.
    Hannah: Love you too.