• Cloud:Yes today's Friday best day of the week!
    Zack:And why is that?
    Cloud:Because on Friday nights you can get in the Honeybee Inn for free.And at Honeybee Inn you can meet some nice ladies.*A big smile appears on Clouds face*
    Zack:Haha I really need to check up on that place once in awhile. *Cloud and Zack start laughing*
    *Yuffie runs in* Yuffie:No!
    Cloud:Whats wrong?
    Yuffie:I couldnt find any treasure today. *Yuffie pouts*
    Zack:Why do I feel like I know you?*Zack has a flashback of how Yuffie and Zack met in Crisis Core but doesnt relise that it was her*
    Yuffie:Uh....*Yuffie runs like the wind*
    *Cait Sith jumps in dancing*Cait Sith:No I mean you crank that Soulja Boy!No I mean you-- *Cait Sith accidently bumps into Vincent while he was dancing*
    Vincent:Listening to rap music?
    Cait Sith:Ya you just gotta love Soulja Boy! *Cait Sith giggles alittle*
    *Aerith and Tifa walks in with a empty cart*
    Aerith: Phew...who knew people would actually buy my flowers.
    Tifa:I think they bought the flowers because they are so rare to find around here.
    *Zack slides over to Aerith* Zack:Like you. *Zack winks at Aerith and Aerith blushes*
    Barret:Get your butt over here Romeo! *Barret drags Zack by the ear*
    Zack:Ouch ouch ouch!
    *Barret sits Zack on a chair*
    Barret:I need your help.
    Zack:What is it?
    Barret:I need you to teach me how to beat Pacman. *Barret starts to look sad*
    Zack:Awww its okay big guy *Zack pats Barret on the back* I'll help you with that later.
    Barret:You better!
    *Cloud walks downstairs and grabs his coat and goes to the door* Cloud:Zack,Red XIII,Cid you guys wanna come with me and get something to eat?
    The three of them:Sure!
    *They all get in the car and start driving*
    Cid:Couldnt we have just used the Highwind instead?
    Zack:Ya but only squares do that we're triangles. *Zack puts on his sunglasses and smiles*
    Red XIII:I thought we were "The Boys"?
    Cloud:No,no,no!Now were the triangles!
    *Cid turns on the radio*
    *Meanwhile at Seventh Heaven*
    Aerith:So Tifa have you heard that Sephiroth really wears a wig?
    Tifa:Really?His hair looks so real!
    Aerith:Yup and he really is bald.
    Tifa:Good thing Im not bald.
    *At some chinese restraunt*
    Cloud:Mind if I order?
    Zack:Not at all.
    The waitress:Hello welcome.What would you like to order?
    Cloud:Ah yes we would like some egg drop soup,dumplings,and some sushi.
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Umm four bottles of rootbeer.
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Oh no thats it.
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:No no no thats it!
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Haha and some spoons and forks so we can eat it.
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Look lady thats it!Im not falling for your foolish mind games!
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Heh,and then Im gonna take my Buster Sword and stab you with it.
    Waitress:And then?
    Cloud:Grr!!!!!*Cloud tries to stab the waitress but Cid and Zack holds Cloud back while Red XIII drags him back in the car*
    *Back in Tifa's bar*
    Tifa:Wow you guys are back quickly.
    Red XIII:Well Cloud had alittle accident again.
    Aerith:*sighs* That's the third time this week.
    Cloud:Hey Tifa! *Cloud slides on the counter smiling at Tifa*
    Tifa:Hehe hey Cloud. *Tifa smiles*
    Cloud:So uh wanna go on a date tomorrow night?
    Tifa:Sure I would love to.Tomorrow night at 8 dont be late.*Tifa winks at Cloud then goes off to bed*
    Cloud:Yesss!!! *Cloud jumps in the air*