• Chapter 1

    *sigh*, as I walks down the hall to my new dorm room with her bags, "I can't believe this! How can my parents let me be here"

    As I walks in my new roommates come to greet her with big smiles.

    "HI I'm Angle Strike", she said all hyper like. She was a blonde with bright baby blue eyes.

    "I'm Maranda Middleson", she was a brunett with deep green eyes, "and you?"
    She didn't sound to peppy like Angle was.

    My face turned bright red, "ummm....Okami Izumi"

    "Like totally AWESOME" she said with a big smile on her face.

    "Thats a weird hair color, did you dye it" Maranda said questionaly.

    I didn't want to tell them i was born with white hair or my eyes were blood red.OR the fact that i was part demon!!!!NO WAY!!!! can't tell them that
    "ummmm......." i said frightenly "Yeah i dyed it"

    "But what about your eyes? They're like.....red." Angle said

    "Damnit",I thought, how can I explain THAT to them?! But before i could say anything Angle spoke again.

    "You'll be a great match for Kira"

    "yeah" Maranda agreed.

    "Whos Kira" i said raising and eyebrow.

    "He's this wired kid who kninda has the same color hair as you and the same color eyes" Maranda said

    "I think hes emo" Angle said. "Do you wanna meet him"

    I turned bright red again. "ummmmm.........well.......maybe"

    "I'll take that as a yes" Angle said. "meet him at this area tomorrow at noon, hes always there." She wrote down the area, then gave it to me It said: The Quad, tree to the left