• Dude, slow down your going to hit a car."
    " Shut up Jimmy, I know where I’m going!” said Kevin as he looks at the time. "Danmmit, we are going to be late." said Kevin, and the 3 other people in the car yell at the top of their lungs "SLOW DOWN!"
    The car started to slow down and came to a creeping stop.
    "See what u did," said Sara" now we are never going to see the movie."
    " Maybe we can walk." said Tyler.
    " Maybe you can go jump off a cliff." said Brendon. They get out of there car and start walking, when suddenly they hear a sound coming from the bushes. Everyone look turns around to the bushes.
    " What was that?" said Sara as she ran behind Jimmy. Kevin walked towards the bushes. He moved the bushes back and saw some bright gold eyes looking back at him.
    " What the?"
    " What was it?" said Sara. Right as she said that, a black cat jumped out of the bushes. “Whoa, hey there little kitty cat” said Kevin smiling. The black cat jumped off Kevin and ran across the street, sitting down at the edge of the forest. “Hey, I think it wants it to fallow it.” said Sara. Sara led the other across the street as the black cat disappeared into the bushes again. “Come On!” yelled Sara, now running. When they got through the thick bushes, everyone gasped. "Look!" yelled Jimmy. Everyone tuned to the right and saw a huge building. Jimmy looked up into the sky and said "I can tell this nights going to suck" and right when he said it, it started to rain.

    They started to run over to the house and the cat wouldn't leave them. "What are we going to do about the cat." said Tyler.
    "Just bring it, couldn't hurt." said Jimmy. When they got to the door they noticed a light at the top of the building. They looked up and saw that the house was 7 stories. Brendon walked up to the door and knocked. The house echoed, and after he did, the door opened and a man stood there.
    "Hello. Welcome to the Wagner mansion. May I help u?"
    "We just came by to get some gas." said Jimmy.
    "And a bathroom." said Tyler as he jumped back and forth.
    "The bathroom is down the hall, to your right. And the gas is in the back."
    "Thank you" said Jimmy and Tyler. Tyler ran over to the bathroom and Jimmy walked to the back.
    "Is this your cat" said Sara
    "No" said the buttler in a rude manner
    A scream was heard from inside the house. Everyone ran into the house, dripping wet.
    "What the hell was that?" asked Sara. They ran over to the bathroom and tried to open the door, but it was jammed as if something was blocking it from the other side.
    "Tyler, are you in there?" yelled Sara. She waited but there was no response. Jimmy came running around the corner. "What happened, I heard a scream." "Tyler is in the bathroom and not responding." As Jimmy and Kevin talked, Brendon looked down.
    "Guys, look." Everyone looked down at the floor as dark red blood started to come out from under the door. The butler just stood there and watched as all of this took place and suddenly said, "There is an ax in the back of the house if you need it." "Why didn't you say anything before!" exclaimed Kevin. "I'll go get it" said Brendon as he started to run. After 5 minutes, everyone heard another scream.
    "What was that." exclaimed Kevin. Everyone ran outside and headed to the back of the house. When they got there, they notice a big tree growing in the middle of the yard, and from it; something was hanging. Everyone crept up to it, when they got close enough, they realized what it was. There hung Brendon, dead and skinned. "Oh my God!" screamed Sara. "Who did this?" Jimmy looked at the butler who had fallowed, whose face had no expression as he pet the black cat; that cuddled in his arms. "Do you have a phone I can use?” "Yes, its inside against the left wall." "Thank you, I’ll be right back." Sara then grabbed Jimmy. "We are coming with you; we don't want to chance whoever is doing this catching you." "No, you guys find the ax and go open the bathroom door." And at the same time everyone said "ok!"
    "Hey butl.." He turned around, and there stood a man in a black robe with a hood covering his face. In one and he was holding an ax and the other and was covered by the sleeve. Blood dripped from the ax, thick black blood; Jimmy just stood there in shock. The man in black lifted the ax above his head, and in one downward slash, he cut Jimmy in to two.
    "Run!" yelled Kevin, Sara and Kevin started to run to the front door of the house. As thay ran the man lifted the ax above his head with one hand, and threw it at Kevin. Right when the blade was about to hit Kevin, they turned the corner to get to the door. They ran threw the door and slammed it shut.
    "What happened out there" Kevin quickly turned around and there stood the butler.
    "Where were you, Jimmy just died; where is the owner of this mansion"
    "Lord Andrew is not in right now, he left just before you came."
    " Sara, you are going to have to run to the nearest town and tell the cops. I'll distract the killer so you can make a break for it"
    "Ok." Kevin opened the door and in front of the door stood the killer Kevin charged at the killer. He was able to knock him over in one swoop, but he went down with him.
    Kevin yelled, "Now Sara, run!" Sara ran out the door and ran towards the car. Kevin got up and tried to run but the killer grabbed his ankle.
    "Were do you think you are going?" said the killer in a deep voice. The killer pulled Kevin down. He pulled a knife out of his coat.
    "Time to die!" Sara reached the car. When she got there she searched the car. She opened the glove compartment.
    "Found it." She pulled the knife out of the glove compartment and put it in her pocket. She started to run back to the house.
    The killer raised the knife and went down, but the black cat jumped in the way. Then Sara reached the killer, knife in hand. "Oh so your planning to kill me too? Thanks." said the killer. “Why are you killing my friends?” asked Sara bravely but with fear in her eyes. “Why am I killing them? HAHAHAHAHA… oh that’s rich my dear. I’M DANM BORED!” yelled the killer.
    "Now, my dear, I will make sure it doesn’t hurt.” "Come and try." Sara said with a laugh. Sara started to run at the killer and the killer started to run at Sara. When Sara got within arm length she stuck out the knife and in one swift move impaled the killer in the left lung.
    Blood dripped out slowly, drip, drip, drip… The killer fell and Sara ran over to Kevin’s body. “Oh Kevin, are you ok?” cried Sara. “I’m ok now, cause I’m with you” said Kevin smiling. Sara bent down to Kevin’s face and ever so softly, kissed his lips. “ugh... you think you can kill me? Think again.” said the killer hovering over Sara and Kevin, knife still in him. The killer raised his dagger and plunge it into Sara and Kevin’s heart as Sara and Kevin lay on top of each other. Sara and Kevin froze as their blood dripped out. “I love you Kevin” said Sara. “I love you too, Sara” said Kevin. They kissed again and died. Their last kiss, their kiss of death.
    ========THE END========