• I felt as if nobody could understand me, as if I were alone throughout life, I felt unappreciated and almost unloved. I thought my parents loved me, but I wasnt sure.

    I was from a military family, always moving and having to make new friends, Ive joined every crowd there is to join, the emo, the cheerleaders, gothis, suicidal, the misfits, the preps, and nothing has ever worked for me.

    I knew this year would be different, however. It was my first year in highschool, and I was determined to make friends.

    My past has been extraordionary, Ive had so many friends who have lied to me, or threatened to hurt me. I have had boyfriends that caused me so much pain. And I have had parents who I dont get along with.

    My life has been a rocky road since 4th grade. I was the typical fat girl who was the brain in the class, always raising her hand and knowing all of the right answers.

    My so called friends throughout the years have proved to me that I cant trust them, by telling others my secrets. (no, not just any secrets, girls, im talking badddddd secrets)

    I felt as if I was chewed up and spit out by everyone, but now, its all over, I am in high school now, and I actaually have friends i can trust, or so I hope.

    My first year time that ive been somewhere for numerous years is here in Hickory. I am goin on my third year at the same school, I know shocker, right? I met this very sweet girl named Katlyn, and I am so happy that I met her, we hung out the whole summer, and she is the one who introduced me into gaiaonline. Katlyn is one of those quiet girls who blends in in my eyes.

    I trust kaylyn and I hope she reads this, for she will be mentioned ALOT!