• "I, Anna Chittery, as president of student council, call for this Friday, a welcoming to November dance. Any objections?" I looked around the room and everyone was smiling and tapping there pencils on their desks. The vice president was tapping away at her keyboard preparing the dance fliers.

    Kazuki spoke up, "As usual no objections. I guess the dance is a go?!"
    "Right, I'm making eighteen copies of the fliers, the yearbook committee can post them wherever they please." Said Nana, Vice President. I clapped my hands and waited for the yearbook president to object or say were booked.

    "As well as that might sound Mrs. Chittery and Mrs. Sasu (Nana), the yearbook committee has picture duties this entire week. Unfortunately, they won't be able to participate in Student Council activities." stare .


    Kazuki shot the yearbook president a dirty look.

    "I'm sure we could compromise, maybe pictures can be next week?" I asked.
    "No chance!" She shouted.
    "Why not?" I asked.
    "Because we as the yearbook committee demote ourselves on a strict schedule and like to be precise about our work Mrs. Chittery!"
    "And we as the student council believe in procrastinating for a little to complete more important tasks!"

    The conversation stopped right there. Everyone looked at both Mrs. Kas and I. stressed scream

    I sat in my seat coughing to settle down. Kas did the same. The bell rang and I straightened the desks for the next club to debate and come to an agreement. Kazuki stopped by me, "Nice argument." He whispered. I blushed and sat on my desk daydreaming. Kas has no idea what the student council member is made of, if she thinks I will let her push me around, think again!

    Nana patted me on the back, "I'm sure she will figure out that she was all wrong and actually reconsider what you said. I'm sure the dance is a go like Kazuki said." wink
    "Nana?" I asked.
    "Yes Anna?"
    "Do you think, I might be demoted?"
    "Why would you think that Anna?"
    "I didn't make a very CONVINCING argument after all." The janitor walked past us and whispered, "Girl's better get to class."

    After class Cici (friend) held two tickets in my face.
    "What am I looking at Cici?" I asked.
    "Karaoke tickets, it starts tomorrow!" She screamed.
    "Really? Can i go?"
    "Duh! You're only like my best friend so of course!" She offered. Kazuki entered the conversation.
    "What are you rambling on about now Cici?"
    "Well, what I'm talking about is none of a boys' concern KAZUKI."

    It was common for Cici and Kazuki to get into an argument. I watched them go back and forth between saying they have a disease or rabies. Naturally I would giggle, but it was two best friends and it'd be best if I didn't take sides. I got in the middle and told them to stop being third graders. Then they both laughed which I didn't get at all.

    My life is full of wacky things, from high school, friends, family, and situations. I never know what will happen next!

    Next time on Cup of Tea:

    Anna spends time with Kazuki and learns things about him even she didn't know. He confessed all of his life secrets and imaginitive things to her. She feels butterflies and wants to confess her love for him. But she's scared. When she wants to say it, something always interrupts her. Find out more on Cup of Tea, NEXT TIME!!