• The Teddy Bear who got killed
    It was a night of every teenage girl,Boring!I squeezed my Teddy Bear very tight.AsI hugged my teddy bear...I had felt a hug back.Very shocking,I threw my teddy bear on the ground.I was So Shocked!My stomach was flipping from side to side.I took a look at my teddy bear,Its eyes Glaring right directly towards me.
    My teddy bears eyes were then turning this redish color.My eyes literally popped out of my sockets!
    Like any ordinary child...I screamed for dear life!!!!!As If I never screamed before.I was guessing no-one had heard me
    Because No-one came.My teddy bear started moving,No...More like CRAWLING!I Ran to it,And jumped on its back,
    Punching and kicking it...The teddy actually Fought back,too!I was motionless..I couldn't even move!I turned my head
    Into complete shock!The bear had opended my bedroom door!!And then my bear said "Buh" Then in a possessive voice
    "Bye!" The bear ran down the stair..I Leaped to the door and chased after it,The bear was Super quick!And hiden somewhere,
    That I couldn't even find him!Helplessly,I grabbed the kitchen Knife,I was on the look out,Trying to find this Demonical
    Bear!I spotted Him!I ran and stabbed him in the cheast..He said a few crazy words,that didn't phase me!
    Blood was Oozing from the back of My special teddy Bear.That day,Was the most Scariest Nightmare I'd ever
    had..And still from today,I still don't believe it was a Dream!!