• McCain rose from the darkness. His eyes glowed white, and his soulless flesh a shadow masking the sunlight.

    "Do you see now, Obama, what this has come to? This election is meaningless! For what stands freedom against the military complex? You see, Obama, I have an army greater than any that has ever been known!"

    Behind McCain rose the tanks and warcraft of a million soldiers. The consequences of the military industrial complex, bulked together in an advance towards freedom, for the purpose of destroying it.

    Obama stared into McCain's eyes. His face solemn, he showed no signs of flinching.

    "You are wrong, McCain."

    "Behind us lay every struggling soul which has ever threaded this world, in the hopes that in pursuing happiness, they could share it with others! Behind us lay a foundation that has shown unbreakable throughout all of mankind's history! Behind us lay the hopes and dreams of every individual who had given their own lives so that we may live ours! The sacrifices of the past have laid forward a path for tomorrow, and today, it is us who shall prevail once more!"

    "In truth, you are the minority!"
    "And you..."
    "Shall not pass!"

    The Earth shook and the Shadows of McCain faded. A march numbering over a billion stood with arms spread, forming walls of hope which were impenetrable by hate and fear. Heading the march, arms spread, Obama stare towards the sky line as McCain's army fell in shambles and McCain lowered to the ground, humbled; defeated.

    Obama stepped towards McCain, silent, offering a hand to his foe. McCain stood up. Turned around, and walked towards the horizon.

    And Obama thought to himself, as McCain walked solemnly into the desert, "You fought well, brave warrior... But we're ready... For change."
    And McCain thought to himself, as he marched towards the sunlight, "I am the last sane man in this world. I must make peace before I take my leave from it."
    And Ron Paul thought to himself, as McCain brushed his shoulder without noticing, "I hear you, brother."