• The dog barked once and then no more. Two years ago on a Halloween night, a horrible event happened in a small farm in Greenville, Colorado. Kyle Burlington, his two friends, and family were the prey of the horrible monster that lived in Burlington’s family farm.
    It was Halloween and Kyle had invited his two best friends for a sleep over in his house so that they could have a spooky night by telling scary stories. Kyle’s family was new in Greenville, they had just moved to a house I a farm. His family moved from Utah to this town because back where he lived brought him memories of his dead dad that died in a tragic car accident. It was 9:00 p.m. when Kyle’s friends arrived. Kyle got the snacks they would eat when they told the stories. Josh, Karla, and Kyle made a circle and began to talk about ghosts. As the night went on, the stories became more and more interesting. It was 12:00 p.m. when Kyle’s dog, Max barked once, everybody got quiet. Max only barked once and then no more. Josh and Kyle went to see what was going on.
    When they got there Max wasn’t tied up to the tree where I had left him. There was blood everywhere, they got scared tried to go back inside but there was something in front of us. We couldn’t see what it was, but all they knew was that, that thing was bigger than us. Was it a dog, a man, a cat maybe? No, it wasn’t it, all they knew was that, that unknown creature was coming straight at us. Kyle and Josh screamed for help, but it seem like nobody could hear us. All they caused was the creature to get angrier so they stopped screaming. We ran toward the crops so they could hide, but the monster ran faster than us. Kyle stopped running, he hided watching the monster coming near him. He didn’t see him, but Kyle could. He was big, with long claws and strong teeth. His face was dark, had a hump in his back, and walked on four legs. Then he left, running looking for Kyle and Josh. Suddenly, Kyle heard Josh scream once and then the silence of the night came. Kyle walked slowly towards the house without making any noise. Kyle made it there safely, without getting the attention of the monster.
    I got inside, locked the door, and went upstairs to tell Karla what was happening. She started to cry, Kyle hugged her, and decided to tell his family what was happening and make a plan to get out of the farm. My mom and my sister gave a unbelieving look but knew there was no reason to lie about that. As they thinked of the plan, from the window they could see Josh coming toward the house screaming. Josh was bleeding from his arm and look fearful towards the situation. He was knocking at the door and then we saw the monster running towards him. He was crying but when Kyle got to the door to open it. The monster was eating Josh’s leg and other body parts. Kyle couldn’t believe his friend had just been eaten by a creature he didn’t know what it was. Then, Kyle’s sister, said their mom would run to her car and look for help. It was risky but we had to do something as soon as possible. When she got into the car she quickly drove out of the farm with no problem. For some reason, the monster did not follow her. Right after she left, the lights of the house went off. Kyle realized the light was his weakness. It was 5:00 a.m. already, when Kyle grabbed a flashlight from a closet. We ran outside to look for the monster and fight back. Kyle threw his flashlight to the creature’s face. He began to run towards the house he wanted to distract the monster while the sun started to release its light. The monster furiously began chasing him. Kyle tripped, the monster with his claws stabbed him in his arm. Kyle thinked of how his life was over and how he didn’t enjoy his life during his lifetime. He cried and begged the monster not to kill him. Suddenly as a miracle the suns light ended the night. The monster was burning, he was trying to escape to the dark but it was useless. My mom arrived with people that wanted to help but it was over. The nightmare of Halloween was finally over.
    In essence, the family moved from the town and decided not to tell nobody about what happened. They put the house on sell, that never got bought and decided to never go back there. They were all traumatized, they couldn’t believe what had happened to them.