• “Why so sad?” came a voice, his voice.
    Sam’s head snapped up as a strong arm circled her waist and the other found its way into her opposite hand.
    He led her gracefully across the floor. As they danced she felt all her previous thoughts and feelings of depression, anger, loneliness, and everything else melt away. The dance became joyful and celebratory the longer it carried on. A smiled had crept onto her face accompanied by a shy blush. Sam had to admit she was grateful for the dark.
    Before she knew it the dance had become faster as bits of Latin dances came into their dance. She wasn’t good by any means but just being given the opportunity to dance such dances with her dark partner was amazing. The dance came to a sudden and abrupt halt both people panting lightly. It was then that she realized she had been dipped, his hand supporting her back the other still holding one of her hands his face not quite visible but she could feel his breath upon her face as they froze in that position.
    Breaking the spell he drew her up to her feet again and kissed her hand murmuring a gentle ‘Thank you’. Then he was gone vanished into the darkness the curtains in the opposite wing swishing gently.