• Prologue

    It seemed to be strange. Deep darkness around me. Then, a ray of light. No doubt, my dreams became reality. It was just
    as I saw before. And then...

    Chapter 1:
    Helen's memories.

    I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, loud as always, as the door burst open.
    "Kari! How many times have I told you to-" Mom said, startled. I looked at the clock. 8:05, A.M.
    "Well, I just guess, you're out of luck this time." Mom said with a look on her face. Not good...
    "What day is it today?" I managed to say with a yawn.
    "No school, mom."
    "Don't forget, you have violin lessons."
    Well, that hit me. Playing the violin has been my passion. I quickly got dressed, and violin in tow, headed straight to the park. Julie, my violin teacher, was my mom's friend, and my favorite. As soon as I got there, I went to find the outdoor theater. Julie and I would always practice there, and usually today, the soccer players would be there. Normally, I would say hi to them, since my brother was on the local team with them, but I was in such a hurry that I didn't notice the ball heading twards me, and I lost conciousness for a second.
    "Are you ok?" When I woke up, there was someone who I didn't know. Someone from the team, I think. Julie was right behind him.
    "Kari!" My brother, Colin, rushed up.
    "I-I'm alright...I think I'm a bit out of it still." I tried to get up, but a sharp pain rose in my arm.
    It hurt so bad, that I fell back down.
    "Are you sure you're ok?" The boy raised his hand to me, and helped me up.
    "I'll let your mom know. We'll have to skip practice today." Julie began, getting her phone. But I didn't want to go.
    "Couldn't I try with the other arm?"
    "Kari, your arm is badly sprained."
    I sighed. No point in arguing with Julie. Or Colin.
    "Julie, couldn't Kari stay and watch you? Couldn't that help?" Colin started up.
    "Well..." Julie had already called my mom, who insisted on bringing me to the hospital, but decided to let me stay for a bit, since I also had to wait for mom.
    While waiting, everyone on the team had let me watch, as I trusted, and knew everyone on it. Well, except for the nice kid.
    "Jake! Over here!" The boy had the ball just as Colin was free, and near the goal.
    Just then, to my luck, mom arrived. I said goodbye to everyone, and said thanks to Jake. My arm, to more luck, was not only sprained, but broken.
    "How did this happen anyway?" Dr. Amy had asked, just when she came with the x-rays.
    "Not paying attention I bet."
    Mom definately had that one.
    "Hit in the head with a soccer ball.Hard." I replied.
    Mom then added, "Hard enough to lose conciousness."
    "That can't be good."
    "Not with my luck." Mom knew that sign. When I had bad luck, it meant that my dream would come true. The dream I just had
    That someone had been telling me, "If you dare to, then I will end it for you." Now that was the worst one I ever had.
    Suddenly, the door burst open. My friends, Miki and Lauren, along with Colin and Jake had arrived.
    "Colin had told us what happened." Miki said. You can tell that she arrived as fast as she could. Mom gave Colin and I a
    look, just as Lauren added,
    "We were worried about her." Miki, Colin, and Jake nodded in agreement.
    "Well, Thank you for coming." Mom said with a smile.
    "How bad was it?" Jake said.
    "Just the devils luck."
    "Not very good, then."
    "Just a broken arm." I quickly added.
    When I was brought home that evening, I was tired enough to sleep like a rock. But...

    This time the dream engulfed me. The darkness around me. Then, a ray of light. I had to wonder, why were my dreams becoming stranger? This was more strange then yesterday. When I could see my surroundings I was near the Clocktower. Then the bell struck midnight. I woke up, by the clocktower. "Weird..." I said, looking at my surroundings. Then I looked down. I could have screamed my head off. Here I was, not in a dream, floating above ground. I looked ahead. I could see a figure around me.
    It was another boy.
    "Never seen you floating around here at midnight." He said.
    "T-This is the first time..." I was scared at my surroundings. Even he looked mysterious. Then, I noticed that I was slowly falling.
    "I guess you don't know how to fly yet. Maybe you're a beginner." He smiled. "I could teach you." Then he added, "It is part of your job after all."
    "JOB!!" I did not know what he was talking about. I started to fall down faster. He quickly came down and grabbed my hand.
    I realized that it was my broken arm he was holding.
    "Don't tell me that you are siding with the angels. Anyway, think that you're floating." I did and I floated steadly.
    "Sorry...I don't know what you're talking about..." I seriously didn't know what he was talking about. I moved my hand, to
    make sure that my arm wasn't broken. Amazingly, it wasn't broken anymore.
    "But, thank you for helping me..."
    "No problem. Say, you wouldn't know a girl named Kari, would you?" He had a angry look, with a gruging look in his eyes.
    "I-I don't think so." I paused. "But why do you want to know?"
    "Her father, recently disappeared. He was an outcast, of all shinigami. He disobeyed the boss, by interfering with humans."
    Another thing I could have screamed of. Shinigami were death gods of the underworld. And Angels were the death gods of the heavens. Normally, shinigami would try to steal a soul from innocent people who were in accidents. Like falls or something.
    "And he sided with the angels. I'm looking for her, since she is the daughter of him."
    "I know it is none of my business, but since I am a beginner, what are you going to do to her?" I couldn't keep myself fromasking.
    "Well, I'm going to capture her, and take her to the boss. He'll take her soul, and turn her into a full shinigami." He said this with a sad look.
    "And I have to do this against my own will..." He added.
    "How...How come?"
    "She...She's my sister...and...She'll become the servent of the boss...I'm worried of her." It was just then when I
    realized it, he looked like Colin. Not the same...But similar. He sounded a lot like him too.
    There was then another burst of light, and I woke up. My clock was going off again, and I looked at the time. 9:00 a.m. 10-10-20. Wait a minute... I thought. It was suppose to be the 11th. The day repeated itself again. Then there was a message on my phone. Or a text, to be exact. It was from Miki, about today after my violin practice. I got dressed, and again, headed
    twards the park.
    "Helen! Watch out!" Jake, this time, remembered my name. I kicked the ball back at them, even though I'm not good at it.
    To my suprise, the ball not only hit the field, but went into the goal. Colin, Jake, and the rest of the team stared at me.
    "Helen...when-when did you get so...GOOD?!" Colin shouted with a suprised look.
    "I-I don't know how..." I managed to say.
    "Well, someone had a good dream." He said with a grin.
    "Maybe met someone too." He added, still grinning.
    "How did you know?"
    "I met someone in my dream too." Colin is my twin, but he almost seems to have nightmares every night.
    "A girl I bet."
    "Ohh, got you on that one, Colin." Jake nudged him playfully. I just laughed. Jake does seem to have good senses, I thought.I waved goodbye, and I met Julie, same time, same place at normal.
    "I got the pieces we're going to play." She said, handing me some notes. I smiled, and began to read them. The piece was
    called "Wave". So this is what would happen if I didn't get a broken arm, I thought. We practiced, which ended early. I hadsome time, so I thought I would watch them. From what I could tell, they were playing the same yesterday, from where
    I got hit. It isn't uncommon for them to kick the ball away from the field. The ball was kicked away from the field, and
    again, hit, lost conciousness, you get the idea. Except while waiting for mom, Jake sat out.
    "Sorry about your accident. I don't have a good aim."
    "No, its nothing. I have bad luck if I'm to have a dream come true..." He looked at me suddenly as if he didn't belive me.
    I then realized that I must have had a bad look on my face.
    "Was it a bad one?" He asked.
    "I-I don't know...it was mysterious though."
    "I met a shinigami, who claimed he was looking for me. I didn't reveal it was me though."
    "A shinigami?! Did he tell what he wanted to do with you?" He was very worried. I explained the whole dream to him, and
    I could tell he was worried the whole time.
    "I hope it isn't real." He explained afterwards.
    "I don't know. I was around the clocktower, remember."
    "Well, I bet if it was, everyone you know would help you. I don't want you to become one." He grinned.
    "Heck, if I did, I would defiy them, like my dad did." I also grinned, as mom pulled up.

    Suprisingly, my day went the same. I just hoped that this day wouldn't repeat over and over. When I fell asleep, I found
    the young boy, and a girl.
    "Ah! Linco, is she the one you told me about? The new girl?" She was pretty cheeky.
    "I think so." He said with a smile.
    "Well, I just met him, so of course he wouldn't remember me too well." I said to her.
    "Oh...OH! My name's Honey. Whats yours?" The girl asked.
    "Uh..." I tried to think for a moment. I met Honey and Linco at night, but I loved daylight. Twilight. The dusk of night.
    "Twilight" I replied.
    "Hm..." She had a strange look in her eyes.
    "She's just registering this in her head." Linco explained.
    "Ah. I have a question to ask..." I started up.
    "What would that be?" Honey asked quickly.
    "I'm kinda..." I didn't know how to explain.
    "Did something happen when you woke up?" Linco asked.
    "Yes...although, don't I need to be in this relem the whole time?"
    "No. All shinigami start out disguised as humans. We're born by hidden shinigami in the human world, hidden as humans." He
    explained. I quickly understood everything.
    "Well, the day began all over, as if nothing happened." I started.
    "You must be a controller of time, then." Honey said, pushing Linco aside.
    "Its a rare ability. Usually, you get to be free. If you have a bad day, then you can reset anything to your will." She started. Linco pushed her aside, then said, "But your work will be hard than anyone else's."
    "Speaking of which, your sister, Kari should have appeared by now." Honey said immediantly.
    "I. Don't. See. Her." Linco said, annoyed.
    "Really? What if this Twilight girl IS Kari?"
    "She is not! Heck, Twilight is cuter than Kari. Yeesh." While those two were arguing, I looked at the sky. It seemed pretty at night with the clocktower's light, and with the stars. One of them caught my eye.
    "Ah, a shooting star!" I exclaimed.
    "Where, Where?!" Honey became overexcited.
    "Calm down!" Linco said. "There could be more, later." He added.
    "Awww..." I don't know why it just hit me that Honey acts like a little girl.
    "Do I have to do anything now?" I asked.
    "No the boss will call you when you have to do something." Linco replied, then Honey added, "You kinda have a few nights
    to kill time learning how to fly. Actully, we were also asked to teach you how to fly."
    "Of course, you already know the basics. To fly smoothly, if you point your body in the direction you want to fly, then you'll
    move." Linco explained. For the rest of my dream, I learned how to fly.
    "You're a natural!" Honey exclaimed afterwards.
    "She...says that to everyone." Linco explained. She gave him a evil look and said, "Do not!" I just laughed. I'm not used to something like this. Then a small white orb came.
    "Time for me to wake up." Linco said. Another one came for me. "Great. Now I'm all alone with those other beings!" Honey said
    unhappy. "Hey! I'll see you both, tomorrow! Now quit fussing!" Linco explained.
    "I guess I'll see you both tomorrow." I said. Honey waved goodbye, as I returned to the real world. Surely, this all isn't real, right? I may have bad luck, but if I ever find out it is true, then I will go against, as Jake said.