• I opened my eyes. How long had I been laying here? My body was sore, my head throbbing wildly. As I scrambled for a cause from my mind, the memory slowly surfaced....
    The old lady looked at me suspiciously.
    "A mercenary?"
    I nodded. "It would be best to go out into our world and help with what we are against."
    The old lady laughed. "So, you think it is a good idea for a woman to be a mercenary? Go ahead. But, I will not start you on our island." I looked at her, confused. "I beg your pardon?" She smiled. "I will send you to a place where beginners like you will learn to fight. And, who knows, maybe you will learn what true power is." A blue light surrounded me, and all was blank.

    I moaned lightly. How could she do this to me? I looked around. I was on a beach, gulls crying above me. I slowly sat up, before standing. I made my way slowly to the south. Where were my feet taking me? It didn't seem like I was moving myself. The wind blew lightly, my light purple hair flowing into my face. I pushed it back, wanting badly to tie it up.
    I soon arrived in a town. It bustled with men and women in greatly adorned armors, their weapons either glowing lightly, or a blinding gold. I looked up to see a red-head girl, crying out 'Welcome all! Newcomers, come to me!'
    I went towards her. She smiled at me as I approached. "What is your name, child?"
    "Hitmai." I replied lazily.
    "Hitmai? What a peculiar name..." She mumbled. "Anyways, what is you specialty?"
    I thought about that for a second. On the island I lived, I had been taught in the arts of healing by my father. "Healing, I guess." I replied.
    She daintily handed me a mace weapon. As my fingers wrapped around it's cold metal, I felt a strange energy run through me. "What is this?" I asked her. "Where am I?"
    "That, my dear child, is your weapon of choice. And, you are in Roumen. Welcome, Hitmai, child of King Arwesis."
    I frowned at her. She knew so much about me. What else did this strange land hold for me?
    She threw to me a wooden shield. "It would be best if you were to get some armor. After all, we are being attacked."
    "Attacked? By what?"
    "The enemy, of course, now hop to it!"