• Preface:

    You really have nothing
    To be afraid of
    We’re her to protect you
    I’m here to protect you
    So just believe us
    …believe me
    I hope you remember

    You must totally be crazy
    I mean you can’t actually believe him
    No matter what people say
    Evil always wins and there is nothing
    Absolutely nothing that you can possibly
    Do about it
    So keep dreaming because we will take care of you…

    Chapter One:

    I snapped my eyes open with fear. My forehead was drenched in sweat and everything looked blurry around me. What was going on? I was listening to a heavenly voice and then suddenly it turned evil and I don’t even know how it happened. And then there was that horrible, awful, blood curdling scream. It was a scary dream and it was one that I had almost everyday now. It was true that most people thought my Goth outfits were weird and that there was something evil about me, but that really wasn’t true. I just thought that the outfits were really cute and I wasn’t much of a fashionista and I really didn’t know how to pull off everyone else’s everyday outfits. That’s why I wore what worked best for me; something that everyone else didn’t wear. That way no one could really critique my looks. Plus my one and only friend told me that wearing black and red really went well with my dark black hair. It was so dark, that it almost had a sheen of blue in the light.

    Other than that I mostly liked all good and heavenly things but I was worried about something horrible happening. Something dangerous was stirring in the city of Clarksville. Clarksville was a some what old fashion city in a modern state. Of course what people wore wasn’t affected by the rest of the city but that’s really not that important. What’s important is what my friend said that day.

    Amelia Ebony, also known as Amy: no one can really carry on a name like Amelia and expect everyone to talk to you. Of course I really didn’t care what her name so long as she talked to me because if it weren’t for her I would be that girl that had no friends and I really wouldn’t be able to stand that. I sat with Amy and a couple of her 9th grade friends and a bunch of her 10th grade friends at a table that would never have accepted me if it weren’t for Amy. I was an outsider basically. Still there was an invisible line between Amy and me and the rest of the crowd. Of course Amy could cross the line whenever she wanted to, but she chose not to.

    But going back to the original subject: when I arrived at school that day, practically half asleep and freaked out of my mind at the same time, I saw a huge crowd surrounding Amy. Most of the time, Amy was surrounded anyway, but everyone here looked pretty scared.

    “OMG! Amy, are you all right?”

    “No way! What happened to her?”

    “This way. Amelia Ebony is lying over here!” Blake, her boyfriend said.

    At least someone was trying to help her. I ran up to the crowd and pushed my way past the massive student body. When I reached Amy she looked pale and was lying, more like dangling, in Blake’s arms.

    “What happened to her?” I asked but no one found it necessary to answer me. I looked into Amy’s eyes and they were wide with fear. It was as if she was trying to tell me something.

    “Alia- *cough* *cough*”

    “Al- *cough”

    “I’m listening Amy, go ahead and tell me.”

    “They’re coming *cough” she whispered “to get you *cough* remember…things are *cough* not as they *cough*” and then her eyes closed. Blake held her tighter while trying to check her pulse too. Then he sighed in relief. “She’s still alive.” He murmured. “Just passed out, I think…I hope” and then he sighed again.

    But what?! Somebody was out to get me. Maybe I was hallucinating or something because there was no way my dream and what she said now could possibly match up. It was absolutely absurd, but it really was what she said.
    Mr. Garner arrived a couple of seconds later. He had already called an ambulance and the crowd was starting to disperse. I waited there until the ambulance had taken Amy away and then I still refused to go but Mr. Garner eventually managed to make me go away just like he had done with Blake.

    At lunch that day, well I’m sure you can guess any way, but I’ll still say it. I was embarrassed worse then ever and my favorite outfit was ruined for good. So I walked up to the table and sat as far away from the invisible line as I could. In fact, I sat so far, that I was basically falling off the bench. That’s when Lorie Augsburg walked up to the table with her tray.

    “Excuse me” she said with attitude, “But I don’t think anyone invited you to sit with us.”

    “But Amy always lets me sit here.” I said all naïve even though I should have known what was coming.

    “Well I’m sorry to say, but is Amy here right now.” I stared back at her blankly. “Didn’t think so.” And she dumped her whole tray of food on me.

    “Ewww!” I screamed and then I ran out of the school and all the way home. Well actually I stopped running after a while and then I saw someone looking at me from across the street. I started running again. What if it was someone I knew? They had seen me in those totally ruined outfit. Not like it mattered anyway, but I was wrecked.

    Everything is not what it seems…
    And you know it…
    But you did this to me and I hate you …
    Never talk to me again…
    You’re like the devil’s daughter…
    You killed me…
    You killed me …
    You killed me…
    You killed me…

    Even as I slept, I could hear it. I was screaming my head off. But what if someone came in my room? I’m so scared! What is going on?!!

    Don’t worry
    He can’t do anything to you
    So just open your eyes
    And stop screaming

    Someone was trying to save me. But I was so scared. I tried to open my eyes but they felt like they were weighed down. And the sound of Amy’s voice saying I killed her was almost painful. I never killed her. In fact she wasn’t even dead so why did she keep saying that. Then suddenly, the screaming stopped as if someone had bottled it up and a heavenly tune filled my mind. I slept dreamlessly for the rest of the night. But still there was something dangerous in my city, or more like in my neighborhood. And Amy couldn’t have just fallen down or passed out because she really was healthy. Something had gotten to her. That was all I could say according to my dreams.

    The next morning when I arrived at school Amy was standing with Lorie. I knew that Lorie and Amy sat at the same table during lunch and all, but they really weren’t friends, so why were they hanging out together?

    I walked up to her as she was about to open her locker.

    “Hey Amy.” I said, “How’re you feeling after yesterday?”

    Basically she ignored me. She turned away from and headed to her first class. AP English. Same class as me. I would just ask her on our way. Maybe she still wasn’t feeling better or didn’t want to talk about it.

    “Amy…hi.” I muttered. She just kept on walking with Lorie and didn’t even look at me once.


    “Back off goth girl. Can’t you see that she doesn’t want to talk to you?”

    “That’s not true right Amy? You always hang out with me so why
    do you want to spend time with Lorie today.”

    “Oh shut up Ali!” she finally spoke up. “You’re like getting on my nerves. You totally tried to kill me yesterday and now you want me to talk to you. Get real.”

    “What are you talking about? When I got to school you were already passed out or whatever.”

    “Leave me alone Ali. Now if you’ll excuse us, we need to go see who the new boys are.” She said walking away giggling.

    “Amy!” I shouted after her but she had already walked away. I followed her as quickly as I could but I got lost in the crowd and ended up coming late to class.

    I quietly took my seat and pulled out by English novel. Just then I noticed the two boys standing in front of the classroom. They were literally standing as far apart from each other as they could. One boy was staring out the window in an almost annoyed sort of look. He had dark brown hair grown out to his chin and everyone could tell that he had a pretty dark presence. The other one had shaggy dark blond hair that fell right above his eyes. Whenever he brushed it away, it fell right back to the way it was. And his eyes were a beautiful navy blue. He was like the perfect good boy. I wanted to get along with him, but why would a guy like him look at a girl like me who couldn’t even dress preppy. He was talking to the teacher happily. What kind of student made conversation with the teacher because they wanted to?

    Finally Mrs. Simon concluded her casual chat and addressed the class.

    “Everyone, this is Mr. Seth Nelson,” she said gesturing to the boy who was talking to her, “and that’s Mr. Alec Harrington.” A
    couple of people muttered hellos but most people were silent. Lorie and Amy were both smiling joyfully and Amy was actually flirting. She kept smiling at Seth and then looking away when he turned toward her. She even winked!

    “Why don’t you two take the two empty seats in the back?”

    “Um sorry” Alec apologized “But I really can’t sit there. Could I sit up front or maybe on the other side of the room?”

    “Mr. Harrington. If you have problems with other students, then take care of them outside of class. In my class, everyone sits where they are told.”

    “Please Mrs. Simon. I really can’t sit there.”

    “I said no. Now if you keep arguing and don’t sit I’ll—“

    “It’s alright. I think you should let him sit up front.” Seth smirked.

    “Fine” she said and then she moved Kristen to the back of the room and Alec to the front. Right next to me. What the heck was up with this lady? Just because Seth asked her to let him sit there, she allowed it, but she didn’t even listen to Alec and he was asking politely too.

    “Okay everyone page 45.” She grumbled. Alec would have to watch his grade because if you upset Mrs. Simon once, she would find every mistake she could to mark your paper down.

    “Could I share your book?” he asked me. I nodded. Someone had stolen my style. Someone had the right to critique my look. Finally someone had decided to dress goth. And it was Alec. In fact, he actually looked evil and it made me wonder if that was how I looked all the time.

    As I was leaving class, I noticed that even though I knew something was wrong with Amy, she kind of looked different. It wasn’t much of what could be called a physical change but more…well I’m not exactly sure. It was almost annoying that she was ignoring me but I felt like I couldn’t care less. She had more or less completely become what I hated. It hadn’t occurred to me yet that I would have no where to sit at lunch if Amy didn’t talk to me, but oh well. What else could I do? I had become that girl.

    Suddenly I noticed that people were gathering around the entrance to the staircase. There were several gasps and shrieks and some people were crying. What happened now? It was useless to try to push my way through because I knew that no one would let me in. No duh!

    “Excuse us”

    “Move away from the girl”

    Several teachers tried to get through to whoever was in the
    center of the crowd, but no one moved.
    Finally the police and ambulances and firefighters came. Everyone came because Kristen Allens had died.

    Chapter Two:

    A lot of people were becoming scared now and were beginning to stay to themselves more. Hardly anyone was seen in a group larger then 3 and everyone talked in whispers. It was obvious that people didn’t know who to trust anymore. Students were cutting their so called best friends out of their lives. Of course Lorie Augsburg had to be the one exception.

    fter becoming friends with Amy, her actions were always against me. She hated how I didn’t have to sit by myself. She hated how not that many people wanted to talk to her anymore. But most of all, she hated how Blake Daniels sat with me of all people. He wasn’t the most popular boy in school, not after Alec and Seth had come but he still made it up there.

    It really was the strangest encounter ever. I was about to walk home when I saw Blake sitting on the basketball court totally neglected because Amy spent all her time chasing Seth. I was about to talk to him when someone put their hand on my shoulder. Seth.

    “Hey what’s up?” he said

    “Um hi?” do I know you?

    “I saw you in a couple of my classes and well…I wanted to know if you want to go out or something.”

    Ha! Yeah right. Even though he looked like a total angel, guys like him didn’t fall for girls like me unless it as a total prank or something.

    “No thanks” I said turning away and heading towards the street.

    “Oh come on” he said grabbing my wrist. “You know you want to.” He laughed.

    “I don’t think so. Get off.”

    “I don’t think so either. Make me.” He challenged. What was with him? He just needed to back off.

    “Let go of me.” I said totally getting angry.

    “You’re like getting on my nerves now. You know you want to hang out with me so come on. Let’s go somewhere.” He said.

    “No!” and just when I though that he was about to drag me with him, Blake was by my side and by the look of him, he was totally pissed off.

    “Dude. Chill She said to back off. Give her some space man.”

    Obviously trying to pick a fight with the guy that stolen his women.

    Basically, there was no need to get into a fight, but after what Seth had done, well technically, he hadn’t done anything, but Blake saw it that way, a fight was something they would be dying to do. So far, it seemed like Seth was a total playboy.

    “Whatever.” Seth said and then he walked away.

    “You okay?” he asked.

    “Sure.” It was no big deal really. I guess he was just trying to help me out.

    But surprisingly, the next day, he was outside my house (how did he know where I lived?) in his black corvette waiting for me! I mean obviously he couldn’t be waiting for anyone else, but why would he ever want to pick me up? So I walked out of my house and to the end of our driveway and he opened the window and told me to get in. Ok…

    “Hey” he said when I got in.

    “It’s a surprise seeing you here.” I said still wondering whether or not he could be trusted.

    He didn’t say anything so I decided to ask him about Amy.

    “You’re only here because Amy broke up with you right?

    “That’s not true.” He said.

    “It’s okay. You don’t have to lie because it’s as clear as the sky.”

    “Well then…yeah.”

    “Thought so.” I said knowingly.

    “It’s only because we’ve been going out for like two years, and she dropped me just because Nelson moved here.” He was definitely jealous.

    “Well I’m not going to fall for a person like him, so no

    “Yeah I saw him messing with you and I wanted to fight him. I know pathetic, but it really annoys me.”

    “Hmmm…” I murmured softly. But I was really wondering whether this was another prank or something. People usually ignored me, but now it seemed as if they wanted to mess with me.

    But basically, I guess I trust him now, because I sit with him at lunch everyday. And would it be strange to say this? I think he’s like falling for me because he actually tried to kiss me. Well at least that’s what I think, but I can’t be sure.
    So anyway, Lorie is at a point of trying to murder me, but I wonder how she got along with Amy when she was dating Blake.
    And all the strange things have slowed down a bit, but I guess, Alec is scaring me. I mean seriously… why is he staring at me? And Seth is mostly avoiding me, but I’m shocked after seeing the way he acted with me that he doesn’t really hang out with other girls.

    And well Amy…let’s just say that she is completely a person that I would hate so our friendship isn’t going to be leading anywhere anytime soon. I bet Lorie’s behind all this drama. I mean why else would Amy hate me? Oh well, Amy can choose Lorie if she wants to.

    And then something happened that totally shocked me and Blake beyond imagination. And let’s just say my opinion about someone has changed a lot.

    On Thursday, Seth came up to us at lunch. We were with a bunch of the cheerleader, football teens, amazing isn’t it? They actually let me sit there. Ha! But Seth was never at lunch…ever. No one knew where he went but most people thought that he was with Amy and Lorie…probably because they were never at lunch either.

    But like I said, he came up and asked to sit with us. Blake was about to tell him to go away but Jenny said yes first. Of course the girls would want him to come and sit with them. But he sat next to Blake. Big mistake.

    “Hey.” He said to me
    Basically I ignored him.

    “Oh come on. I’m really sorry, but I thought you were like the other girls and would come with me no matter what I said.”

    “Well news flash, I’m not like the other girls and it’s so clear, a blind man could see it. So don’t joke with me.”

    “I’m seriously sorry. Believe me. I mean look at me? Do I really look like a playboy? I’ll make it up to you so just give me some time please.”

    “I’m sorry, but I really don’t believe you.”

    “Stop being rude, Aliana. He’s saying sorry to a girl like you. You’re not that high and almighty so chill.” Jenny jeered.

    “What are you talking about? I’m not some stuck up cheerleading snob who only knows how to chase after some hot looking guys.”

    “Oh really, then tell me what exactly you’re doing with Blake? It looks like you’re falling all over him. But I’m sure your rules don’t apply to you, right?” Jenny challenged.

    “I didn’t” she cut me off

    “You’re a joke.” She laughed. “Blake would never even talk to a poor girl like you. Well…not unless he was taking pity on you because Blake’s a nice guy.”

    “It’s not like” Blake tried to say.

    “Shut up b***h. A girl like you wouldn’t know anything about Aliana. She’s so much better than you that you don’t even understand.”

    Jenny stared back at him wide mouthed. I actually gasped as did Blake.

    “I’m really sorry.” He said once more before he got up and walked out the door.

    “I’ll be back” I said and I followed him out, but then I saw him talking to Amy. She was twirling her hair…in full flirt mode.

    So I turned back and went into the cafeteria. Blake was waiting for me.

    “Let’s ditch the rest of the day. I’m not sure I want to stay for anymore.” I said

    “Sure, why not?”
    When everybody started to stream out the door, we walked out with the rush until we were neared the gym door. And then we ran. We ran into the parking lot and hid behind his car to make sure no one was following us. And then I noticed that Seth was outside and he was staring at us. Blake had noticed too and as if just to show him up, he kissed me.


    Seth’s features instantly twisted into a face of rage. He abruptly turned around and stalked back in slowly.
    Blake dropped me off at home and said that he had to go somewhere. Luckily my mom wasn’t home

    That night I had another one of my dreams.

    You made a big mistake
    Now you’ll pay

    Don’t listen to him
    I’ll try my best to stop him.
    But now I need you to think.
    Do you remember anything from the past?
    About our past?

    And then I saw some images. But for some reason I couldn’t focus in on the faces. Actually one looked a little like me…but the other one…

    Yes…that’s you
    And the other one…that’s me
    Remember me…
    Please remember me…
    Before it’s too late…

    His voice sounded as it was in pain. But how did he know me? We had never met before. And then I heard him sigh.

    Listen to me okay
    We’ve definitely met before
    So try to recognize me

    And then he showed me some more memories of our past. We had really loved each other. I felt like if I was awake, I would be crying. I’d have to be careful and make sure that I looked out for anyone who was evil or dangerous. Either we had a crazed student at our school, or whoever killed Kristen Allens was the devil.

    The next day, when I locked the house and went outside, I saw that Blake wasn’t there. Maybe he wasn’t feeling well and had decided to stay home. Looks like I was walking today.

    I was almost at school when I realized that a lot of the 11th grade girls were crying. Probably another junior was taken. I laughed to myself as I neared the bus circle. Shockingly, Amy was there and Alec was on the outskirts. What did Alec have to do with anything that was going on in their personal lives? And then Seth came up to me all red like he had been running for miles that day. He wasn’t crying or anything, but he looked shocked or embarrassed.

    “This is terrible.” He said.

    “What happened?”

    "Blake…he died.” Seth announced. “But I don’t think it was suicide or anything. It was probably murder!”

    “What?!” I looked over to where Alec was standing. He wasn’t looking this way but he turned as if he saw someone staring at him. And then he started walking this way. But he made it clear that he didn’t like Seth so why was he walking this way?

    “Come with me.” He whispered urgently/

    “What?! Why?” I asked.

    “I have to get away from here.” He was looking kind of suspicious now.

    “What do you mean you have to get way? You didn’t kill him, did you?”


    “Move. I need to see him.”

    “I can’t let you.”

    “Get out of the way Seth.”

    “No. There’s something wrong with him. I don’t know what will happen if he sees you. Come on. Let’s get away from here.”
    And all this time Alec was trying to push his way over here. Seth started to tug on my arm like a little kid.

    “We need to get away.”

    He couldn’t possibly think Alec was the murderer right? Was he trying to get me away from Alec before he attacked me too? No.
    That wasn’t possible.

    “Get out of me way damn it. I need to see him. Move!” I shrieked and tried to push my way through the crowd.

    “Blake! Blake!” I gasped. I wasn’t crying. I wasn’t in love with him, but I didn’t want him to die.

    I hadn’t even noticed before, but his shirt was torn open and there were words cut into his skin.

    I’m not going to warn you more than once so you better stop acting the way you are. Get close to someone again and this will be you…better yet, this will be everyone you love.