• I was a normal teenager, about 14, living in the Pokemon world. Unlike most kids, who went out the front doors at 10, I stayed home, mainly because I never wanted to go. I don't like Pokemon much. That's due to my religion. Being a Christian, I didn't believe that the universe was created by Pokemon, or any of that. My parents were firm Christians as well.
    Until today.
    This is the story of how I began my Pokemon journey, and met my first and only Pokemon.

    I just came home from school. It was a normal day, pretty much. Taillows swooped through the sky, and I covered my head with my hood to avoid them. Across the street, a woman was walking a Zigzagoon, which had no intention of walking in a straight line. I finally reached the door, glad to be away from all the Pokemon. "I'm home," I called, dropping my backpack at the front door. My parents were sitting at the table.
    "How was school?" Mom asked.
    "Okay, I guess."
    My parents looked at each other. Then my dad said,"We've got something we need to tell you."
    I shrugged. "What do you want."
    "We think... You should become a Pokemon trainer."
    I stared at my parents. "You're joking right? Pulling my leg?"
    They didn't laugh, or say, "Gotcha!"
    "You can't be serious!"
    "Listen, we've been thinking, and we don't think that Pokemon are so bad anymore."
    My own parents, who have been Christians for so long, had actually believed that I should become a trainer.
    "But you guys are Christians!"
    "Pokemon aren't that bad. We really think you should."
    I folded my arms. "No way on Earth."
    My mother became stern. "We're not asking you. This is for your own good."
    "Mom, no! Maybe you guys have gone soft, but I'm still a Christian, and-"
    "You're fourteen years old! You should have left four years ago!"
    "I don't want to go!"
    "It's not a choice."
    "You can't make me!"
    But they did. Without warning, my dad sprang up and pushed me to the front door. He slammed the door behind me. "Now go to the Pokemart, get a Pokeball and get out of here! Go on a journey!"
    I banged my fists against the door. "You can't do this!"
    There was no answer.
    I slammed my body against the door, then slid down crying. My parents thought they were doing me a favor. I couldn't believe it.
    All of a sudden, I got an idea. I left the front porch of my house.

    An hour later, I stood outside of the Pokemart with a new Pokeball that gleamed a bright red orange, and a Pokedex. Using a Poketch, I called my parents.
    Ring ring ring, ring ring ring, phone call, phone call.
    My mothers image flickered to life on the small screen. "Hello?"
    "Hi Mom", I said. "I've got my Pokemon." I showed her the empty Pokeball, hoping that my parents didn't know enough about Pokemon just yet.
    "Oh honey, that's great! Can we see it?"
    I thought fast. "Uh, he isn't really tame yet," I lied.
    "But don't worry. You guys were right." I said, with a false cheeriness. "This is great!"
    "Well of course! We know what's best for you!"
    Throwing your daughter out on the street? Not really.
    "Anyways, I'm going into Eterna Forest. I'll call you soon!"
    The Poketch's screen went black. My fake smile faded. That ought to throw her and Dad off. If I can't come back, I'll find somewhere else to live.
    And with that, I set off for Eterna Forest, the wild maze of trees.

    I got lost. No doubt about it, I was really lost. I would've sworn if I wasn't civilized. ""Why'd you have to go and change my parent's mind?!" I screamed to the heavens. "I wouldn't be stuck in this forsaken forest!"
    Suddenly, I heard a rustle in the trees above me. I whipped my head upwards, and just managed to leap back. My Pokeball fell from my belt. A Pokemon had leaped out of the tree branches, scattering Pidgeys and Starlys. I was too frozen from fear to move. The Pokemon, whatever it was, stood up quickly. It looked like a fox, except it stood on two hind legs, with an almost white torso, but it was mostly blue. It also had what looked like thorns on the back of its paws, and on its chest. One red eye glared at me. The other was gone, replaced by three scars as if talons had raked it there. It made a growling noise.
    I slowly reached for my Pokedex. As long as it was there keeping me from running, I may as well look it up. The screen turned on, and I found it.
    Lucario. The aura Pokemon. It has the ability to sense the aura of all things. It can understand human speech.
    Above the text, it showed the picture of the same Pokemon. The only difference was that the Pokedex version had both eyes.
    "So, Lucario, huh?" I said quietly. "Well, I have no intention of catching you. I just want to move on."
    He growled again. Then he started to charge up a blue light sphere in his hands. I let out a cry and stumbled backwards.
    But something had stopped him. He picked up the Pokeball, and studied it with interest. Then he closed his eyes, and four dread lock like things attached to his head lifted in the air. He took several steps foward, while I took one step back. I couldn't move anymore, because I was petrified like a frightened Rattata. He walked in a circle, studying me like he had with the Pokeball. He returned to the front and opened his eyes, an astonished look on his face.
    He took another step closer, then made several movements. He first pointed to the Pokeball, then to himself.
    "What?" I asked.
    He made the same movements, and I finally understood: He wanted to be in the Pokeball. He wanted to travel with me.
    "No!" I said, a little too loudly. He looked taken aback.
    "I'm not a Trainer. Even if I am carrying a Pokeball with me, it's not for catching Pokemon."
    I grabbed the Pokeball from his paws and walked past him.
    But Lucario would not give up. He ran over and once again pointed to the Pokeball, then himself.
    "I said NO!!"
    I ran now, even though I knew it was pointless, because he would catch up. I saw I was licked. Physically. But I wasn't going to give up. I had enough spirit not to give up. It was also turning to nighttime. I sat down.
    "Well I can't run anymore," I said, eyes closed in annoyence. "But you're not staying with me. You're not my Pokemon. I'm not your trainer. Final."
    I opened one eye and glared at him. "And don't try and nab the Pokeball while I'm asleep. Otherwise I won't bother to look for it when you get stuck."
    Lucario seemed satified. He had a look that said,I've won the battle.
    "But you haven't won the war." I told him.