• "1,2,3,4,5. Ready or not, here I come!" Zippy said. It was the middle of May, and a wind was blowing on her hair. Her and her brother, Razzle, were playing in their school's, Raizzleston Elementery, playground. Zippy looked under the slide, on top of the monkey bars, and every where else. She did not notice the big bump on top of a passerby's car. he had climbed on there, and was now headed somewhere else. So he did not get up until he heard Zippy scream his name, calling for a truse. He got up, and hopped off the moving car. His head hit through a window of a burgular's house, and everything went black.

    Zippy was puzzled. She worried about all of the things that he could have done. One of which was the one that happened.

    "Hey, kid, wake up!" Razzle woke up just in time to see the last of the world as he was dead.

    Zippy will never know what happened. The next day, She went to find him.

    Stay tuned for 'The Great Escape' Chapter in the book.