• Broken; on the floor in pieces making an abstract mosaic. Others will see and pick up my pieces to try and fix me, but I will always have the scars of being broken.

    Broken; I may seem whole and as if all of my pieces have been placed to make me complete, but somewhere I am missing a small piece. THat small piece has now become a small hole that taunts me, "You're broken and you'll always be broken."

    Broken; they think they have fixed me, they think they understand, they think I'll be okay once I'm glued back together. But they can't ever fix me, they can't ever understand, they can't make me all better by just fixing me. I'll always be, as the hole taunts, BROKEN.

    Broken; along came a person who cried at seeing me broken. Their tears filled me up and their sympathy was like a carefully cut flower placed inside me to proudly be seen. They made me feel... Unbroken.