• Chapter One: Just One Bite

    *General Point of View*

    The rain outside tapped on the window facing the street. A girl with soft light pink hip length hair drummed her pen on the books spread out in front of her. The words spoke a lullaby dulling her senses.


    Her name echoed down the hall. It seemed as if she was drowning, the muffled voice attempting to pull her back.


    The voice was behind her now.

    “Huh?” she said jumping out of her seat slightly.

    The girl who stood behind her had platinum blond hair and icy blue eyes. The ends of her hair grazed the small of her back. She crossed her arms across her chest. Her school uniform skirt and shirt still on even though the day had ended hours ago.

    “Aria,” the girl said softly, “You have to talk to me sometime.”

    “No. I really don’t,” Aria said pushing back against her chair getting up to leave. Her torn faded black-grey jeans and semi-tight red tank top seemed to match her pale complexion. Her usual emerald green eyes had now become a dull murky green. She brushed past the blond girl and headed towards the stairs. Her dirty white converse with a faded green star barely touched the carpeted steps as she fled the scene.

    The door flew open and banged against the wall. It stayed that way long after she had left. Her athletic silhouette could be seen running down the street from the doorway where the blond girl stood.

    ”Aria! Come back!” she called after her as she stepped out into the middle of the street.

    Aria heard her name being called but she refused to turn around. By the time she had stopped running the rain had soaked through her clothes. She slumped down against a tree and cried. Her once light coloured hair had now darkened and covered her face completely. Her body shook, not only from the cold but from the heavy sobs that escaped her.

    “You shouldn’t be out here,” A male voice said, “Not alone anyway.”

    “Go away,” she snapped back at the stranger.

    The voice sighed as if disappointed by her response. The stranger stepped closer and Aria’s heart raced. She took a deep breath attempting to control it. A quiet purring noise came from the man. His appearance was god-like; with chiseled muscles and honey eyes. His blood red shirt was made of a soft silk. A silver snake wrapped around a black onyx cross hung on a tiny gold chain draped from his neck. The deep black jeans seemed to fit strangely against the silk shirt yet somehow he made it work. His left eye was covered by his mousy brown bangs which stood out against his messy hair. On his right hand was a gold snake with emerald eyes that slithered around his ring finger.

    ”I can hear your heart beat,” the man cooed in her ear. She felt his cool breath on her neck which sent shivers down her spine. He pulled her hair to the side and traced the exposed part of her neck with his finger. Aria relaxed a little as he pulled her up close to his chest. His arm slithered around her waist. She pushed against his chest trying to get away.

    ”Aw, Come now love,” he whispered in her ear, “Just one bite.”