• ~~~I shuffled my iPod, and this story is the result of the songs that my iPod picked for me. I begin a story while the first one starts playing, and i continue it according to the next song.
    *every paragraph is a new song*
    P.S.-I haven't thought of the boy's name, so he is "the boy". i also haven't thought of the detective's name either.
    this ain't done yet--i haven't found a good ending yet...i need to listen to more songs...
    i'm on crack.~~~~~~

    Jade ran away because she found out that her love had another girl… so the boy tried to explain that he was forced, and wanted her back, and told her he is nothing without her. (eyuck.)

    The girl ran away in tears, remembering what Ember said all about her, and that she can never have him… Ember is the boy’s ‘new girl.’ She was crying, teary-eyed as she doesn’t know where to go, devastated by her thoughts…

    Now everybody is leading their own life--
    Jade back at home, still sad because of her lost love. The boy still tries to find out how to escape from Ember’s grasp, because he never really liked her. Ember is happily living with her boyfriend, and always chatting with him, urging him on dates…

    The boy decides to leave Ember behind, that he will forget all the time he had with Ember and return to Jade.

    But Jade is also yearning to get the boy back. She decided to go to the sorceress’ fortress and ask for something which will make the boy forget all about Ember and love her again. The sorceress pitied the desperate girl, and decided to help her. She opened a portal to where the jewel lies which is said to have anything you desire. She entered the portal… in exchange for one thing…her ability to talk.

    She entered the portal, and crazy cartoon characters started to come out. They guided her through the portal, handed her cartoonic weapons, which, they said, will help her on her way. Confused, she took it anyway. The characters lead her to the end of the portal. She found herself in a dark, lonely hallway. At the end, suspiciously accessible, is the jewel. Easy.

    Just then someone surprised her from behind. He was endlessly chatting; looks like an Indian merchant. She didn’t attack him with her weapons, assuming his innocence. Just then he brought out all these weird things and used those to tie her up and gag her. She can’t get out. Then this merchant took the jewel, smirked at the girl, and ran away. The alarms suddenly went off.

    Guards start coming to the hallway, and saw her all tied up, and freed her. One suggested that she might be the thief; she just tied herself up to look suspicious. Planning to arrest her, the guards were stopped by an unknown person. He introduced himself as a local detective... of what place? Where is she? Yet she found no hope in him. He allowed the guard to put her in prison and leave her there and later question her. Angry, Jade tried to speak, but letting out a simple wail proved to her that she forgot that she traded her ability to speak. She struggled to be free, but to no avail. The boy introduced himself that he is one of the greatest detectives there, and led them out of the hallway into her place of captivity. The light shone bright upon her face. This was no portal to another world. She’s still in Earth. She visited the country of the rising sun. Later, Jade thought on how to escape when the detective she met earlier went up to her, and freed her. He told her to follow him. He explained that he believed she’s not the criminal, and he might know who is responsible for the theft. He cannot prove it to the local judge because he doesn’t want to listen to plain teenagers, which the whole court agreed on. So he has to hide her until the real criminal was discovered. She had no choice but to live within the humble abode of the new friend she found—a Japanese detective. She also has no shelter, and she likes to get back to her home already…

    Once, Jade sometimes dreamed of becoming an actress. The boy just sighed, and led her outside, disguised to blend in. he led her to the nearest studio, and had access inside, though Jade doesn’t know how. He showed her that actors and actresses live a life of confusion, and want nothing but fame and money. They are used to leisure living, and never had people respect their privacy. Jade just saw now what it really is like living like a star… but, she wondered, how does he know all these?.. she shook her head. Silly girl, he’s a detective…

    “Honey, where are you going?” Ember asked. The boy barely heard her as he packed up his things. He has decided to tell her the truth. “I am leaving you. I have never liked you at all. I’m off to look for Jade.” Saying these, he went out the door. I know you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone… he thought. But someone’s waiting for me…
    “But I’m not used to being alone…do you really have to go?...” Jade asked sullenly to the detective. Fortunately, this friend she had had more talents than she expected—he can understand English writing very well; and she is also learning a bit of their language (at least in writng) even before this crazy adventure happened. Even before… the boy left her. “I have work to do…you know.” Jade sighed. By the looks on your faces, he thought, grinning, I know you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone…

    “Ever After”
    Jade sat, sulking in the sofa. A lot of thoughts were running into her head. Who is that merchant? Why didn’t I notice him suspicious before? She looked at her cartoonic gun, hidden under her bed. She blamed herself for not being so alert. She would’ve gotten the jewel to accomplish her goal—her goal…she shook her head. What a foolish thing to do, she told herself. Selfish Jade. All because of the boy…him… then her thoughts shifted to the detective. She can’t help facing the fact that she might…be…liking him also… and once she found out who stole the jewel, she decided to help put it back where it came from; she doesn’t need it anymore. Her heart is falling for someone else… she got up, and not realizing it, sang, “I still believe in Ever After with you…” as she was mindlessly prancing and twirling around in the small living room. She then went to the window and looked outside her new environment. Then she realized it. She may have lost her ability to speak, but still have the ability to sing. Weird, she thought. But cool.
    Ember tried to stop the boy from leaving. “We’re all okay here, she really isn’t for you,” she said soothingly. And, with her ever-beautiful voice, she sang to him. “…But I still believe in Ever After with you…” and told him that she’s all he needs.

    “No. Forget about us. I’m going to find Jade.” These were the boy’s last words as he left. Ember knew that he is one stubborn person—but so is she. You will see, she thought. That I am the only girl you’ll ever have. She went to the person who is most reliable—her friend the local sorceress. “Why is it that I have a lot of costumers of a sudden?” she groaned. “I want the boy to be mine; I want him to fall in love with me only!” Ember raged. The sorceress sighed, and went to the piano. “what are you doing?—” “Just watch,” the sorceress grinned. She played a tune, which is familiar to Ember. Though she played it faster then the usual. “I need him to be with me!” Ember wept. The sorceress explained, “Then listen to Beethoven…” Beethoven! The song she is playing is Fur Elise! “Once you listen to this song, you have the powers to lure anyone you desire with your voice… just like a beautiful piece played, you will leave them in a trance…” Ember felt warm inside her, then normal. She trusted the sorceress, and said a thank you.

    “Somewhere Out there”
    Jade couldn’t sleep. As much as she feels comfortable in her new home in her new room, she still missed someone—the boy. She doesn’t know why, but she really misses him so much.
    The boy rested on his journey, and thought he was insane. He’ll never fin Jade. Where will he start? Looking up the sky, he uttered, “Somewhere out there, beneath the pale moon light… someone’s thinking of me,” he smiled, “and loving me tonight…” he can never put Jade out of his thoughts.
    Jade also thought the same. Looking out the window, she sang quietly, singing about herself… “Someone’s saying a prayer: that we’ll find one another, in that big somewhere out there…”
    In a while, she didn’t realize it, but she soon was sleeping soundly back in her own bed, in the spare room the detective had.

    The detective walked on, in the dark alley. So many thoughts were in his head that he wasn’t this preoccupied before. the girl…the jewel… did he really steal it? What was his motive? Where did the girl come from? why is she even there in the first place? She was also a bit suspicious, but she was tied up. He needed to find more proof. He needs some fresh air, and he usually walks alone at night. But he was always alert; until now. Full of thoughts, he didn’t notice someone, quiet as night, stalking behind him, and hit him hard. Unconscious, he didn’t get the chance to shout. he just lied on the ground, his eyes seeing black.

    He woke up, all tied up in a chair. Then he found his captor. “Chad?” he stuttered. “Oh, yes my dear brother. It’s me.” “I thought you were in prison; how did you escape? That was the most—” “WILL YOU LET ME SPEAK!?!” His brother growled. “I got captured trying to steal that jewel…” “So it is you—” “Shut up!” Chad interrupted. He told the detective how envy he was that his parents always liked him better…
    All he ever wanted was to be a rock star, and be famous, get all the girls, and have money… “Was that ever a crime?” he asked. He tried to steal the jewel that someone told him would grant him anything he likes; and he failed. “Chad, stop all this nonsense. You won’t get anything out of stealing…” “YOU are the thief!!” His brother exclaimed. “you stole my fame, my spotlight… all the people know you and have respect for you, but me? Noooo… they decided to trash away rockstar wannabes…” “Respect? The local judge doesn’t even wanna hear from me.... so do all his subjects…” “And he also doesn’t like the idea of rockstars in this city…” Chad continued. “So,” the detective uttered a small chuckle, although his head and body still hurts. “We’re on the same bridge then…” “I’ll never be the same with you, brother…never!! I run my own life! My own future! My own…” *sock* the detective knocked him out. “Sorry bro. I have to do that. Don’t worry, you’ll live. I won’t call the police, though. Like you said, you tried to commit a crime. You haven’t done it yet. I’ll see what you’re up to right now…” He got to untie himself free while his brother was chatting all along. He left the small, dim-lighted room, and limped his way out of the weather-beaten house. He looked at it one more time. “Chad… you never really moved on…” he took a cab and drove home.

    He thought of all the things that just happened. He likes the sound of adventure. And he knows things are cooking up, and this is only the beginning. He looked outside the now rainy night, the dim, yellow street lights reflected on the car window. He rested his face on one fist, and stared outside the window. He took notice of every car that passed by; every store, every vendor, and also the busy streets… “Life…” he whispered “Is like a highway…” he started to yawn. “…you’ll never what will appear on the next turn…”

    “Okay, cut! Nice work, Irene!” the director said. The blonde girl tossed her hair, and called for her assistant.

    Irene, I’m here! Just say the word, and I’m there! “I’m glad to have you as my assistant… so reliable and honest, not to mention loyal…” the young actress smiled at her assistant. The assistant smiled back, and stood upright. “Kimmie here, always ready for anything!”

    *to be continued*