• Chapter 4 Roaring Thunder

    Daybreak. Man was I tired. It’s been about a week since I moved in with Kira-san. Oh yeah, were on a first name basis now. Though she keeps calling me “Sano-chan”. I put up with it though. For the time that I have been here I decided to get back in fighting shape. Every night I go to the backyard and practice my stances. I’m surprised I still remember them all. After form practice I use my Phoenix form to do weighted training. I adjust the weight of my sword and shield each time so I don’t get a chance to get use to it at a certain weight. Now it’s up to 2000 pounds. We demons are very strong. It was about 2 hours ago that I had gotten back from training. I was laid up in a corner. I’m not use to sleeping in a bed. Though this morning was different. I felt something on my side. It was warm like a cat sleeping. I looked over. My face flushed as I realized what it was. It was Kira-san. She was nestled right next to me. She slept so soundly. Her face was so cute. …..what the hell am I saying?!?! I got to stop thinking. I looked at her again. ARG!!!!!!! She started to stir and then she woke up. She smiled up at me.

    “Ohayo, Sano-chan,” she said in a sweet voice. I burst into flames as my face grew redder and redder. It’s just not fair that level of cuteness.

    “Ohayo, Kira-san,” I said nervously. She sat up against the wall and looked at me for a few minutes.

    “This week is Golden week, right?” she asked. I counted the days in my head and came to the conclusion that it was.

    “Yeah. Why?” I asked. A sly smile swept across her face. A bead of sweat rolled down the back of my head as she began to giggle.

    “What did I get myself into?” I said as we walked down the street. I was carrying about 20 bags filled with clothing, accessories, and bath stuffs. I was in my school uniform where as Kira-san was in a pair of bikini jeans and black tee shirt that said “My Sweet Addiction” in kanji. And for those who don’t know what those are, they are a pair of hip-hugging jeans that are have a bikini tie to them. I trudged along till we got to another clothing store. It was a men’s clothing store. I looked at Kira-san.

    “What are we doing here?” I asked.

    “Getting you cloths. What else,” she said with a smirk. We walked around. I looked at some of the cloths and didn’t find anything I liked. That was before we reached the section for the company Yin/Yang Clothing. I found a black and red shirt that was split down the middle with the dots on the shoulders of the sleeves. I also found a pair of black jeans from the American company Wrangler.

    “Go try them on!” she said with excitement. She pushed me into the changing room and handed me the cloths she picked for me before I tried on mine. I came out wearing a red button up shirt with a white tee shirt on underneath it. The pants I was wearing were navy blue jeans, with carpenter pockets on the left leg. She looked all giddy and hugged me.

    “So cool Sano-chan!” she screamed into my chest hugging me. She stopped and started to un-bottom the shirt.

    “Nani?” I shouted. She finished unbuttoning and stepped back. It looked a lot cooler. She gave me thumbs up and told me to try on more cloths. As I took off the shirt a jolt hit me. Like static electricity but 500 time’s worse. I dropped to my knees and hunched over.

    “Are you ok Sano-chan?!” Kira-san asked bursting into the room. I was standing now with my pants down and the tee shirt off. Both our faces flushed.

    “GET OOOOOOOOOUT!” I shouted as she ran. I turned to the mirror so that I could see my back. On it was scared the 10 elements. It was given to me on my travels. I sighed and put on the yin yang shirt and the wranglers. As we walked towards the register I noticed something.

    “How are we gonna pay for this?” I asked. Kira-san pulled out a credit card and handed it to the man. He started to shutter.

    “Mizono? As in Mizono Hotels?” he asked shaking. Kira-san nodded her head and the dude nearly passed out.

    “It has been a true honor to serve you, Mizono-sama,” he said bowing to her.

    “Thank you very much Ni-chan,” she said to him. As we walked out the store I had a confused look on my face. Kira-san noticed it and started walking backwards to talk to me.

    “What’s up?” she asked. I just stared for a moment.

    “Mizono Hotels?” I asked. She smiled sweetly and turned back around.

    “It’s Otou-san’s company. He started it with my mother and since her death he works constantly. He stays at the main branch in Okinawa. He let me live here in our original house. It’s been like that for about a year now,” she said. She put her hands on the backs of her head and kept walking.

    “You know what? We had better get something to eat soon. I’m hungry,” she said looking back with a big grin. I blushed a little and smiled back. That is until I bumped into something. It was a kid. Well what looked like a kid. He must have been walking the opposite way of me. We both hit the ground and all the stuff flew everywhere. The kid stood up and brushed himself off. I got to my feet and did the same.

    “You ok?” I asked him. He cut this semi-glare at me.

    “Yeah,” he said coldly. Kira-san piped in.

    “A kid like you shouldn’t walk the streets alone,” she said to him. He got pissed off.

    “I’M NOT A KID! I’M 15 YEARS OLD DAMMIT!!”he shouted. He stormed off and turned down a street.

    “Weird,” I said as I gathered all the stuff. JOLT!!!!! The pain I felt before came back. I dropped to my knees in pain and hunched over again. I felt like a bolt of lightning was coursing through my entire body. Why dose this keep happening.

    “Sano-chan are you ok?” Kira-san asked. The pain left me and I was able to get myself together. I stood up.

    “Yeah. I’m ok now,” I said. We started to walk again, but this time we were dead silent. She walked in front of me by a couple of steps and I was still lugging the stuff.

    “Hey,” I called up to her. She turned her head and looked back.

    “Want to get some Pizza?” I asked. Her face lit up with a childish glow.

    “Sure,” she said. Lucky for us we were right in front of a Pizza Hut when I asked. We went inside and were seated instantly. We checked out the menu and decided to go with the buffet. We both got about 4 or 5 slices each and still went back for more. We scarfed down more pizza and soda then I thought we could hold. On the third or fourth serving Kira-san spoke up.

    “What is on your back that you don’t want people want to see?” she asked in a serious voice. I sighed heavily and put down my pizza.

    “It’s a branding, meaning that I am owned by someone I don’t even know,” I said. Kira-san looked shocked.

    “Why? Why do they own you?” she asked concerned. I looked down.

    “Because of what I am,” I said. She had a shocked look on her face. I could tell that she remembered the first night I stayed at her house. I’m not human. We were silent again for a while. She broke the silence.

    “Well they don’t own you know,” she said. She smiled and stuffed her face full of pizza. I couldn’t help but bust out laughing at her. She looked at me puzzled and started to giggle. We laughed the rest of the time we were at the restaurant. After paying the bill we headed for home. I dropped all the stuff off and we started to go for a walk. As we walked we talked and laughed. That’s when I got an idea.

    “Kira-san, close your eyes,” I told her. She did so with a big grin on her face.

    “戻るには、土地の薄明,” I said under my breath. I reverted to my original form. I cradled her in my arms and took to the skies. She opened her eyes and we were high above the city. She held onto me so that she wouldn’t fall. I looked at her as we flew and smiled. I landed in one of my favorite places. The Sakura park. I changed back to my “masked” state and we started to walk in the falling blossoms. It was truly a beautiful site to behold. Almost like a date, but not a date. I felt at home with Kira-san. And that’s something I haven’t felt in 3 years. It was peaceful. JOLT!!!!!! I felt that intense pain again. I dropped to my knees doubled over, writhing in pain. Kira-san rushed to my side and tried to get some info.

    “Sano-chan, are you ok?” she asked concerned. I couldn’t reply. Then she started to think. She placed her hand on her chin. Then a light bulb went off in her mind. Then she just glared at me.

    “What?” I asked kind of annoyed.

    “Is there a girl you’re not telling me about Sano-chan?” she asked with a straight face. I looked at her like she was on crack.

    “What?” I asked.

    “You heard me now spill it! Are you dating another girl!?!” she yelled.

    “What kind of warped logic are you using?” I asked. At that moment something caught my eye. It was a hoard of large scaled creatures. They bearded blood-stained fangs, crimson drenched claws and strong muscular figures. These were dragon tribe, La~raku. I got to one knee.

    “Kira-san, we have company,” I told her. She turned around and looked at the oncoming mob of creatures. Her face turned pail and she held her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming. I looked at them once again and made eye contact with one. They all started to pick up speed as the charged at us.

    “We have to fight. No other way,” I told her. She looked at me like I was crazy. I got to my feet and prepared to go Phoenix form, but the pain became more devastating. I collapsed and watched as the onslaught came barreling towards us. I knew Kira-san had no fighting experience and would be relatively useless on the battle field. All I could do was watch as the same tribe of demons that killed my parents attempted to kill me as well.

    “Oh, so this is where they were,” A voice called out from up above us.

    “God?” Kira-san asked.

    “Close. More like a … Lightning God,” it said. As soon as those words faded a large bolt of lightning struck the ground. Separating us from the La~raku. As the dust settled a figure shown through. It was a young man, with dark yellow hair. He had a pair of twin katana on his back in sheathes. He wore a white shirt with yellow sleeves. His pants were like jeans but dyed a dark yellow, like his hair. He couldn’t be. He glanced over at us. His eyes were also yellow but they looked cold and unfeeling. He looked back at the oncoming hoard.

    “Come to papa,” he said sliding his hands to his swords. He had gauntlets like mine and Kira-san’s on his arms. That confirmed it. He is the warrior of lighting that I was looking for. The demons were a good 50 meters away now. A smirk went over the boy’s face. With lightning like speed he drew his swords. The resulting shook wave formed an “X” in the form of lightning bolts. Eradicating all living life forms in the area. Lucky for us the Sakura trees remained intact. He sheathed his blades and walked over to us.

    “You two shouldn’t be here. Its not save for mundane humans like you,” he said. He had a cocky and conceded nature about him. That just pissed Kira-san off.

    “Who the hell do you think you are to bark out orders like that!?” she questioned him pointing in his face. He quickly slapped her in the face. Without even realizing it I had this kid by his shirt. I had a large mass of fire in my hand, cocked and ready to go to blows with him.

    “Don’t you ever touch her again, or I will make your life a living hell,” I said in a cold voice. He backed up. Then he stared at me up and down.

    “You can control fire and you’re not afraid of my powers. That means you’re like me,” he said. A huge flash of lightning burst out of his body. He had transformed back. It was the kid from before.

    “I’m sorry about earlier. My name is Kuno Marco,” Kuno-san said.

    “My name is Yuroto Sanosuke. And the young lady seething right now is Mizono Kira-san,” I said pointing to a raging Kira-san.

    “Like I said, I’m sorry about slappin’ ya ma’am. Is there a way I can make up for it?” he asked. I looked at Kira-san and then at him. I got an idea.

    “You will come live with us and be a member of the Phoenix Order. What do you say?” I asked extending my hand in friendship. He reached for it. When he almost made contact I pulled my hand back.

    “But first you have to let her beat the holy hell out of you,” I said smiling. As soon as I said that, Kira-san pounced like a rabid wolf onto him. The beating was so awe inspiring indeed. After the brutal beating and Kuno-kun now limping and writhing in pain. I mean this guy just got the beating of his life. His face was swollen, his arms were bruised and bloody, and his shirt and jacket were torn and had holes in them. And his legs were almost useless. We finally shook hands and we had a new member of the group. That makes our group 3 members stronger. Now I feel a bit more convertible with some people to help. Now I have to worry about the other three.

    End of chapter 4