• I knew his past, but here I tried to forget it and pretend I just met him. I tried to be his friend even though he is a rock star. Deep in my heart I knew that I would be the last to leave and it was some how my fault but looking at him made me forget about it. He was my only friend ,my protector. We would fight back to back knowing that we had some one to back us up. The city was like living in Hell, but when he was there I knew he was almost an angle compared to every one else. Every night I would close my eyes knowing I would be safe and the troubling past flooded away.
    I woke up thinking about my band and every one on earth. I had never had time to think about how they are doing with out me. How could they be preforming with out their back up singer? How could they go to parties with out me? Then I felt very dizzy, like before. I called for the only person I could trust in this death city. She came running and stopped and just looked at me. I looked down at my hands to see they were starting to fade away, Was I going home?!? I heard her say " You will be home in bed in about ten minutes. You won't be a vampire. Promise me two things," The way she said it made me shiver but I heard something that would stay in my heart forever " Don't tell any one about this city, They will think you are crazy." I was about to laugh but then she cut me off and said " And please don't about forget me." It sounded more like a plea but I could see she was trying to act strong as a started to fade away even more. I could see tears in her eyes every time I became more faded. Then right before I went she ran and hugged me and whispered " Good bye, protector" Then when I went to hug her back my arm went right though her back and she said " You will be home in bed."
    Like she said I woke up right in my warm bed. At first I thought it was just a dream, but then I got up to see I wasn't wearing pj's I was wearing bloody jeans and a ripped tea shirt. I touched my teeth with my tongue to see if they were still as sharp as a knife. My teeth didn't break the skin on my tongue like before.
    The next day I ran to were we have band practice. When I opened the door the band looked like they saw the dead and then ran up to me and they all started hugging me. I looked up to see a poster of the girl's face saying " Missing, last seem, " I looked to see it was almost a year ago. I whispered to the picture " I promise I won't forget you.Sorrow?" The name seemed so familiar but not for her. She is the most happiest person I had known. Then I thought about of the times when she would stared out the window and cry about her past, Her name is the past present and I prey not the future for her.
    I felt the strong rope tied around my wrist pull me. The man yelled "keep on going girl, we don't want to see the sun rise." That is what I wanted them to do. They were vampires, like me. I knew I was betting something that could cost my life. I muttered to my self even though I knew my protector would hear it in his heart " my name is Sorrow, that is why I am a lost one."