• "Ba-dum," A young girls heart beat loudly in her ears, "Ba-dum, ba-dum" Faster and faster as she looked upon a blond haired god of a young man. He looked over across the library, tilting his head slightly to the side. He smiled his Colgate smile, digging into her soul with his icy-blue eyes. Her face reddened, adverting her eyes away from the locking stare of the young boy.
    "Christien White." She thought as she meandered her way through the shelves of books. "Blond hair, blue eyes, intelligent, kind and beautiful." she sighed, knowing that she wasn't his type. Musing on the thought of "Miss Erin White." She blushed slightly and shook her head.
    "It'd never work out that way." Erin giggled slightly, her golden-brown eyes darted across the spines of the books. Finding what she came for, she removed it from its spot on the shelf and made her way to her usual spot next to the library entrance, where she had a perfect view of Chris. He sat a few tables away from her, drinking coffee. She sighed once again and decided to leave the library, signing her book out first.
    "If you don't make your move, some one else will snatch him from you." Erin turned, immediately recognizing his face. Mike, or rather known as Wizard. She had heard several rumors of wizard to be a direct descendant to some of the most nefarious witches and warlocks of the mid-evil times.
    "It's none of your business, Mike." Erin pushed her way past him.
    "Call me Wizard," He said then paused "I might have something that can help you get Lover boy."
    "Erin paused, looking into Wizard’s blue eyes. He was tall, and quite similar to Chris. The only difference was their hair colour. "Yah, right. Why would you help me?"
    "I pity you, is all." Wizard laughed sadistically. "What exactly do you have to lose?"
    "Nothing at the moment." Erin exuded a mournful aura as she pouted beside Wizard.
    He laughed, knowingly "Then follow me." He sprang full of life and weave past the students flowing through the hall. Erin lurched forward and grabbed onto his jacket, so she could move easily as well.
    He took her to a nearly empty hall, and opened the last door in the row. "Black and white magic club." He smirked. Erin felt uneasy, as she crept behind him into the forgotten class room.
    "Forgotten for a reason." She thought looking at the broken equipment, and burn marks across the floors and desks.
    "This was the old science room, but there was a fire some years ago." Wizard hissed eerily. He made his way to a dusty shelf and removed a black note pad. Flipping through the pages he spotted something that made his face light up. "Aha!" he smiled wildly.
    Erin, uneasy found herself shifting around in place. She watched as Wizard gathered small jars of liquids, plant life and other odd things she had never seen before. He crushed some dried plant life into a powdery substance and blended the liquids together and boiled them on a heating plate. He evenly mixed the powder into the watery substance. A blue cloud engulfed the pot. When bubbles broke the surface, Wizard removed the substance from the heating plate.
    "Almost done." Wizard mused as he slowly stirred the bluish substance.
    Erin started believing that he was a wizard, he even had many different potions strewn across the counters. Wizard finished stirring and poured some of the blue liquid into a small, clear, heart-shaped jar that could fit in the palm of his hand. He slid a cork into the neck of the bottle.
    "Here." He said, placing the vile of blue liquid into Erin's palm.
    "What is it?" Erin examined the small vile that now sat in the middle of her tiny hands.
    "A love potion."
    "L-l-love potion?" Erin stammered.
    "Yes, a love potion, but there is a catch." Wizard grinned, obviously amused at himself.
    "And what would that be?" Erin eyes him suspiciously.
    "Although the love potion makes who ever drinks it fall madly in love with you, it is not a 'forever' love potion." Wizard explained, "You will have one month of pure bliss with lover boy, but when the month is over, you will have to win his heart the way everyone else does." Wizards words hung in her mind.
    "O-okay." Erin took the vile. "Thank-you."
    "Don't thank me," Wizard smile slyly, "I can only do all I can." Erin waved good-bye to wizard and exited the class room.
    Walking home Erin clenched the love potion in her palm. "Tomorrow," She said out loud to herself "Chris will become mine!" She blushed wildly and ran home happily, eagerly awaiting the next day to come.
    The next day Erin bought a coffee on her was to the library. She looked around a book shelf and saw Chris at his usual table, studying before class started. She smiled, blushing, as she removed the plastic lid to her coffee and poured the blue liquid into it. A blueberry scent rose from the coffee, alluring her to drink some. She peered around the books again to see Chris was still there.
    "Come on Erin, get a hold of yourself. You can do this, you can make him become your love slave." Her face red she ducked her head back around the book shelf. "Maybe I should practice!" she bowed her head and raised the cup up slightly, "Please, take this!" She squeaked, nervous even though it was only practice.
    "Oh, alright." Her hands became light. Erin looked up, and to her horror, saw none other then Adom Domico. Adom towered over her, and looked like he had 'juvenile detention,' or at least should have, written all over him. He never smiled, his eyes never kind and on top of it all his personality was the worst. Adom downed the coffee, and whipped his face off with his sleeve. "Thank-" His words cut off, and he became very serious as he turned to her "Will you go out with me?"
    Erin's mouth dropped open in horror. Panic erupted across her face. She bolted out of the library, and stumbled down the hall to the black and white magic club. "Wizard!" she yelled, "Wizard!"
    "Yes?" Wizard looked up from his note book. "How'd it go with lover boy?"
    "Stop calling him that, his name is Chris! And it didn't go!" Erin shook with fright and anger, how was she suppose to know the potion was that good?
    "Oh?" Wizard placed his note book down and sat at attention, "what happened with lover boy?"
    " Adom drank it!" she yelled.
    "Who? I though you liked Chris?" Wizard smiled his all knowing smile.
    "I-I do! But when I was practicing giving the drink to Chris, Adom came walking by and thought I actually offered it to him!" she began to yell, "Fix it! You have to fix this!"
    "I can't." Wizard said bluntly.
    "W-what? What do you mean?" Erin's heart began to slow to a dull pulse.
    "Exactly that. You'll have to wait the whole month. But, perhaps you'll end up liking Adom's company?" Couldn't hurt to give him a try." Wizard smirked.
    "Liking Adom? Couldn't hurt? He's scary, socially deprived and we have absolutely nothing in common!" Erin yelled out appalled at this so called white magic Wizard.
    "Well, at any rate, he's here." Wizard smiled waving in the young brown haired boy, his green eyes locked onto Erin's.
    "Could I walk you to class, Erin?" Adom asked. Before Erin could reject his offer, Wizard agreed for her, and hurried the two out the door. She felt small next to Adom, and even smaller when she thought of Chris.
    Erin didn't remember a time where Adom smiled, he always seemed like he was thinking about something deep in his mind. She sighed, what had she gotten herself into?
    She sat through class, realizing Adom watched her through out most of the time. When it was time for lunch, Adom took the spot next to her. Erin stood and decided she would eat elsewhere. Adom followed.
    "Why do you keep following me?" Erin turned to Adom, her patience for him had run thin.
    "Even if you don't acknowledge me now, doesn't mean I should give up. I want to be with you, because I like you." Adom put his hand to the back of his head. Erin realized that he was, blushing.
    "Come on." Erin smiled slightly and gestured for him to follow her. They exited the building and made their way to a large maple tree. Erin sat and patted the ground beside her.
    Adom blushed, and sat down. Even though Erin didn't like him the way she liked Chris, it was her fault that Adom drank the potion, and couldn't find it in her to tell Adom to go away. She also noticed that, although under the influence of the potion, he was still shy and had trouble trying to formulate a conversation with her.
    After school, Erin retreated to her most beloved place in the world- the library. She sat in her usual chair and once again admired Chris.
    "Mind if I sit." Even though Erin was startled, she didn't have to look up to know it was Adom who stood next to her. She nodded. A look of relief crossed Adom's face and he sat in the chair perpendicular to her. Three tables down, Chris stood angered, and frantically shoved his school work into his back pack and left.
    Erin wanted to rush over to him and soothe what ever that was making Chris so upset. She sighed, knowing that she couldn't even get enough courage to give him a love potion. "Hey Erin, Do you want to walk home with me?"
    Erin turned her attention to Adom, "Oh, sure." She smiled softly. This was the first time she had ever walked home with any boy. They walked home, side-by-side. Although the conversation was very restricted, and awkward, Erin enjoyed having Adom walk next to her.
    "Hey, Um. Do you, by any chance, like music?" Adom asked putting his hands in his pockets.
    "I love music." Erin smiled.
    Adom's shoulders loosened, "Do you want to see a really cool shop?" Adom offered. Erin nodded. Adom placed his hand on her's and led her across the street. He pushed open a glass door to a CD store. Erin looked around and felt misplaced. She tightened her grip on Adom's hand. He blushed, pulling his free hand up to the back of his head.
    "I thought that," He paused, "you'd like the art at the back of the store." The back of the store was encroached with a mural. She walked over to inspect it fully.
    "It's beautiful." She awed.
    "I know." She turned to see Adom's eyes only reflecting her. Her heart skipped a beat, and her face reddened. "Hey, I'm going to buy a CD while we are here, would that be bothersome?"
    "No, Go ahead." Erin smiled.
    "You Adom's girlfriend?" Erin turned to see a pasty white punk of a man, with more pierces then he had fingers to count them on.
    "No I-" She stopped, realizing she couldn't tell him about the love potion.
    "What ever, I don't want to hear your life story. At any rate, you'd better not break that boy's heart." The man said.
    Erin turned to look at Adom, "He has a heart?" She joked.
    "Every time that boy'd go and get himself a girl, them girls use him up and toss him aside." The man said ignoring her uncalled for remark, "He hardly smiles any more because of it."
    "Could you," Adom began to speak, he paused collecting his thoughts "I rather not think of what 'was' and think about what 'is'" And for the first time, Adom smiled.
    Erin felt her face turn a crimson red, her heart had never beat faster in her life. The sudden realization happened upon her, she was falling in love with Adom.
    Later that evening and into the next morning, Erin couldn't stop herself from thinking of Adom.
    They spent every day together, lunches, mornings and after school. On the Friday, Erin waited for Adom in the Library.
    When He came through the library doors she smiled happily, and made her way over to him. Erin opened her cell phone, and showed him the screen. "You don't have my number yet." Erin blushed, her golden-brown eyes sparkled.
    Adom took his phone from his pocket and handed it to Erin, while taking her phone. "I'll put my number in yours." He smiled, Erin's heart beat faster. She had come to love Adom's smile, the only smile reserved for her alone.
    "Will you call me?" Erin asked, handing him back his cell phone.
    "Do you want me to?"
    "Then I will." Adom entered his number into her cell phone and handed it back. "But only if you call me some time too."
    "I will." Erin smiled, "Do you want to walk home together?" Erin offered.
    "That," Adom smiled, "That's the first time you have ever asked." His smile was warm and gentle, and his eyes softly looked upon her.
    Erin felt her heart jump with happiness. As they walked home, they found their fingers tangling together, palms met, walking home hand-in-hand.
    Both blushing, smiled shyly. Erin felt warm, she was in love with the one she deemed as never possible.
    "January," She thought "Is the best month ever." Smiling, she walked home holding his hand comfortably.
    She waved good-bye to Adom, not wanting her feeling of pure bliss to exhaust. When he disappeared down her street, she entered her home and let out a love struck sigh. She couldn't recall ever being happier in her life.
    Every day, from then on, Erin and Adom walked home together, hand-in-hand. She would pray every day that it would never end. Three weeks of happiness had unfolded in Erin's life.
    Erin constantly reflected on the good memories her and Adom shared together. Her phone rang. She opened it "Hey, Adom♥!"
    "Hi Erin, I was wondering if you would like to go to the park with me."
    "Ah, sure!"
    "Alright, I'll be waiting, see you there."
    Erin closed her phone, and walked to the park. She has waited idly by her phone all morning waiting for it to ring.
    Upon entering the park, she saw Adom standing in between a row of willow trees. She joined him, gently grabbing his hand.
    He smiled. "Watch." His soft eyes turned to the sky as he gently held out his hand. Erin watched his hand as a beautiful red bird perched in the middle of his index finger. She smiled amazed.
    "It's cute!" She said as the bird flew off. "I want to try that." She threw her arm into the air.
    "That's not how it's done." Adom laughed. Erin's face turned red. "Here, let me help you." Adom stood behind her, his right hand slid underneath hers, gently lifting it up to the sky. His left hand wandered down her side, to meet with her left hand. Erin watched the sky, her heart's beat quickening.
    Adom rested his head on her shoulder, his body moving closer to hers, until it was as close as it could be. She could feel Adom's heart race on the back of her shoulder.
    A little yellow bird landed on Erin's finger. She was elated. She held Adom's hand tightly. Adom smiled softly, nuzzling into Erin's shoulder. The bird flew away, but Adom remained. Erin turned to face Adom. His face flushed red. Their hearts beat fast. Adom leaned close to Erin, wrapping his arm around Erin's waist. He pulled her in lovingly, his green eyes softened as he bore deep into her golden-brown eyes. His hand trembled. He lowered his head to Erin's, and places his first kiss on her lips.
    Erin never wanted him to let go. He pushed closer, deepening the kiss. "This is heaven." Erin thought, "Wizard was right, I did end up liking him," suddenly it dawned on her, the potion.
    Adom pulled out of the kiss, his eyes flickered with love and passion, but subsided when he saw how ghastly pale Erin's face had become.
    "Something wrong? Was it because of-" Adom asked with concern.
    "No, no I loved the kiss, I just" Erin adverted eye contact, "I don't feel too well."
    "I'll walk you home." Adom grasped her hand.
    "What am I going to do?" The next morning at school. "Did I make him mad at me?" Erin felt like she could have cried that morning when Adom called and said he couldn't walk with her that morning. "Adom, would never like me with out the potion." Erin thought, "Wait, that's it! The potion!" She darted through the halls, towards the black and white magic club. Her elation almost caused her to over look two people talking in the room.
    She froze at the entrance. "The month is almost over, and now you come to me with problems?" Wizard said amusingly. The door was open wide enough for Erin to peer into the class room.
    "I don't think she'll talk to me once your 'potion' wears off." the second voice belonged to Adom.
    "You really think so? Lover boy?" He smiled, "If she didn't like you, why'd she come for another potion?" he looked at the door.
    Erin felt her body back away from the door. "Erin!" Adom yelled, tripping over various items on the floor of the class room, she began to run "Wait, please! I can explain!"
    She sprinted out of the hall way. "It was all a lie!" Tears fell from her eyes as she blindly ran. "They tricked me, the tricked me and I fell for it!"Erin pushed open the school doors and stopped running under a large oak tree.
    "Erin, Dagovitch?"Erin turned to see a familiar face. Chris, he had spoken to her for the first time.
    "Yes?" She muttered, her heart too scared to speak with confidence.
    "Is freak boy with you?" Chris looked around them, "I never thought some one as beautiful and smart as you, would even consider talking to filthy delinquents like him." Chris held spite and hostility in his words "He's repulsing, and quite stupid."
    "Shut up!" Erin felt the rage boil under her skin, "You don't even know him! You have no right to talk down about the man I love!" Erin yelled, tears burning down her face.
    Chris grabbed the collar of her shirt and forced her closer to him "You were suppose to be mine." He growled, then forced his lips on to hers.
    "Hey! Let go of my girlfriend!" Adom closed his hand tightly, pulled his arm back and slammed his fist full force into Chris's face. Chris stumbled back clutching his nose, blood dripped through the cracks of his fingers.
    "You're making a mistake Erin!" Chris yelled after her, then cursed their names.
    Erin looked into Adom's eyes, his arms comforted her as he held her close. She, now, understood why he tricked her.
    "I love you." She said pressing her lips against Adom's.

    Wizard watched from his club room window.
    "The easy part is getting the potion off her." Wizard recalled telling Adom, "The hard part is getting her to fall in love with you, Lover boy, before Chris makes his move." He remembered smiling at Adom "You simply can't let him get close enough to her."

    Wizard turned his attention to the shadows of the room, his smile all knowing as usual. "I believe," His smile faded "Thing's are just about to start."