• School..

    So many things I feel like a mess of emotions not knowing which one to express or wither to cry in
    frustration am not used to being helpless but thats what I feel like.A child with no one taking care of me left,on the floor to cry.I don't know what to say or do anymore.I am an outsider locked out by a fence with barbwire on top.Isolated and stuck with people that don't want me here.
    I always thought it would be funny if I fell down the stairies and meet my horrible end.Now when I look down these stepes I hope I trip because am not brave enough to thow myself down them.I trip or fall the shooting pain is fun at first until it brusies.

    I want to cry but I feel it will not do anything all I can do is hope that I can keep these feelings down.And try to surive these thing called high school