• Preface

    What do you think of a person being blind or death? Would you think there eerie? Or they should be mocked at? What if I told you I’m silent but at the same time I‘m beautiful? Would you take advantage or just ignore me?
    There are secrets in my life I’m not suppose to share with anyone… but why keep secrets? Its better to know the truth then for the ordinary people are still blind of things that aren’t suppose to be there.
    I can still remember how painful it felt to me when I changed into something I still can‘t grasp onto …yet…
    I ran towards the back door of my house seeing that I would never make it. I felt my legs were use-less for the progress I tried to make, but I truly didn’t care. I forced myself to make it there feeling more pain on my back than ever before, that my life has ever felt.
    Sweat creped from behind from my back, but it soon evaporated from the heat my back gave, making me gasp for air dropping on the ground like a rag doll. Panic over took me making me think of a logical explanation for this repulse of pain it slashed at me. Even when I considered to make a move at all it feels like I been whipped far to long, but gave me nothing plausible.
    That’s when an angel came toward me, kneeling down and picked me up from the ground putting me in a dark but sweet slumber making everything around me black leaving me unconscious in his arms that cradled me to sleep…