• heart CHAPTER 1 heart

    ayame's alarm clock rang, ayame got out of bed got dressed and went downstaires, "now what to have for breakfast? mabey.......OH! i got it RAMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she said excitedly, she grabbed the leftovers and started to eat, she grabbed chopsticks, and she grabbed noodles wit the chopsticks, there was a medly of flavors hat greeted her, "YUM!" she sighed.she looked at the clock. it read 7:25 "oh crap! im gonna be late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she tossed the chopsticks and the bowl and grabbed her bag as she ran out the door.she ran down the street while hoding her skirt" why did TODAY have to be windy?!"she said annoyed.she ran down the street as quickly as possable, she got in the door just as the bell rang at 7:30 . its a good thing she was in track! she walked to her locker as she tried to catch her breath. she went to her first class with her bag. her first class was math. her teacher annpynced as everybody got seated "today were having a syuprise test! everyone groaned. ayame glanced to her right and looked lovingly at her crush, haru, as she stared lovingly the teacher passed out the test, haru answered all the questions best she could. when it was time to go ayame walked started to walk down the hall "hey ayame i need to talk to you." haru said.

    to be continued