• Chapter 1: The Vampire Clan

    I stared blankly at the T.V. Nothing was ever on that really interested me. Every now and then, Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy was on. Johnny and I never watched them as often as we used to. The only thing I ever watched was the news, but most of all, murder cases. I paused. I thought for a moment.
    “Mom and Dad”—
    I stopped. It had been at least a year after my parents were killed by vampires. Me, I only escaped with my left eye intact. Everyone calls me the “survivor” or the “lucky one”. Pretty much, anybody on the news who had been murdered or injured badly and died in the hospital was attacked by vampires. Johnny was my adopted father, who ended up killing one of the vampires who was about to drain every last drop of my blood from my body. I’m lucky. Without Johnny, I’d be pushing up daisies. Johnny was a vampire expert, and it says on his record he’s claimed many murder cases to be involved with vamps, very brave man I tell ya. I turned the T.V. down and headed upstairs. Then I realized, Johnny hadn’t come in from the front porch where he was standing. He must have been waiting on somebody. I stared out the window, waiting for him to move. For the past ten minutes he stayed on the front porch reloading his shotgun. Something was not right at all.
    “What the heck is he doing?” I asked myself in a quiet voice.
    “Who knows.” A calm, husk voice answered. My eyes widened. I turned around, to see nothing. I turned back to the window shuddering.
    “Over here, I’m sorry for startling you, if I did.” The voice came back. I felt something cold on my shoulder. I turned my head slightly, to see a slightly pale hand on my shoulder. I opened my mouth to scream, but another hand covered my mouth before I could make a sound.
    “Don’t scream!” the voice hissed, “I’m sorry for startling you I said.” I broke away and turned completely around, to be facing a fine-toned boy, with a silver eye, and a gold eye, silver shoulder-length hair, about my height staring directly at me.
    “Who are you?” I squeaked. I was scared as the opposite side of heaven.
    “I’m Dwain Phillips. I’m a half vampire.” A half vampire?! He looks nothing like one! Well, he does, but still! Where are the fangs?
    “Um… I’m Norah. Norah Harrison.” I replied in a trembling voice.
    “Heh… Nice bandage on your eye. How’d you get it? Shoot your eye out?” Dwain joked.
    “I was attacked by one of YOU.” I retorted. What was this guy’s problem? First he tries to scare me to death, now he’s trying to make fun of my eye! How rude!
    “ I see…” Dwain said, “ Well, enough small talk. We have to get out of here before they get here.”
    “Who’s “they”?” I asked suspiciously.
    “I’ll explain later.” Dwain said, picking me up with one hand and slinging me over his shoulder, then gliding down the stairs and out the back door, and into the pitch black forest behind our house.
    ------ Chapter 1 to be continued------