• Lost

    The first two weeks of school wasn’t so bad, it was pretty easy, but the day I was so eagerly waiting for was here, the bonfire at Shade’s, I get to spend the whole weekend with him and a few of his friends. In my sixth period biology class there was a new student, her name was Heather and she didn’t seem very pleasant, her eyes were narrowed, examining the room. Her gaze met Shade’s and she sat in the seat behind him. For the rest of the period she was flirting with him, it got on my nerves. After the period was over Shade caught me at the door, “Hey Cryss you need an escort to seventh period?” Heather tugged on his shirt, “Umm, I don’t know my way around, can you help me?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head. “No Shade its fine I’ll be fine on my own, besides Heather needs you more than I do.” I could have sworn she was glaring at me. “Well okay then.” She pulled him along with her as he waved at me, I waved back, giving a half-hearted smile and walked to my seventh period. I was partnered with Jessica, the girl that sat next to me in English, for a project. We had to make up our own newspapers or something. “This is going to be fun,” she said smiling widely at me. She seemed very cheerful and really nice. “Nice work on the project Jess.” I complimented her after the period. “Nice working with you Crysstal,” she waved at me and headed for the front of the school. My dad couldn’t pick me up today so I had to walk home. I walked out the back doors and through the student parking lot. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Shade with Heather, his gaze met mine and I quickly looked away, putting my headset on loud. When I took another glance at him, his face was in shock, I took my headset off and heard the sound of screeching tires heading for me. I turned around and my eyes flashed wide, a red truck spinning out of control, heading for me. I was frozen in place; my legs didn’t want to move even though. I wanted to move. “Get out of the way!” I heard a lot of people say, but my legs didn’t want to listen. Someone gripped my wrist and pulled me out of the truck’s way, their arms were over me protectively, holding me close against their body as we slammed into the ground.

    When all was silenced and everything was calm, I was let loose, “Cryss are you okay?” my breathing was uneven and my body was shaking, but I recognized the voice. I gripped tightly on the shirt and placed my forehead against his chest. “Thanks Shade.” He ran his hand through my tangled hair, “It’s okay, you’re safe now.” I could see out of the corner of my eye that Heather was running towards us and so was Jessica. “Shade are you okay.” She sounded panicked and tended to Shade, Jessica was handling me, trying to get me up on my feet. “Cryss, I’m so glad your okay, if Shade hadn’t been there that truck would of hit you.” How did Shade get to me so quickly? He was on the other side of the parking lot, none of my concern. “I’ll see you at the bonfire Shade,” I brushed myself off and trudged home. “Can I come to the bonfire Shade?” I heard Heather ask, I picked up my pace before I could hear him answer. I ran till I got home, I even tripped a few times, scrapping up my hands. “Dad I’m home,” I called out as I set my bag next to the door. “How was school Cryss?” I didn’t answer him. I slammed my bedroom door and collapsed on my bed. The hours passed as I laid there in silence, I decided to take another look at the invite, I might not go, I spotted a number at the bottom of the paper and the note said ‘in case of emergency’ guess it was his house number. I rummaged through my closet to find an appropriate outfit to wear. I decided to go with my black tank top and an old pair of sweat pants. I picked up my cell phone from my side table and put in the number that was on the paper.

    “Dad I’m heading to Shade’s,” I put on my jacket and opened the front door letting the cold air rush through the house. “Shouldn’t I drive you?” I rolled my eyes and shook my head, “Dad I’m fifteen I can handle myself.” He caught me at the door and placed his hand on my shoulder. “Okay, be careful.” I gave him a half-hearted smile and walked out the door. I decided to get a bite to eat so I stopped at a McDonald’s for a burger. While I was ordering there were three boys sitting at a table eyeing me, they looked a little older than me, but I didn’t care I kept my focus on what I was doing. “Hey beautiful.” I heard one of them say, I scoffed and quickly got out of there. The cold air of the night sent shivers down my spine. I heard the sound of footsteps behind me, but I didn’t look, I quickly picked up the pace. “Hey sweetheart where you going?” it was the same boy from the restaurant. I turned the next corner and ended up in a dead end. “You got nowhere to run now darling.” I clenched my fists, but my knees were shaking beneath me, I couldn’t show that I was afraid. When I turned around to look at him, there was something by his side, it was an animal of some sort and it was growling. “Sick her,” the animal lunged at me and dug its teeth in my wrist. I couldn’t help but scream at the top of my lungs. I punched the beast repeatedly in the head till it let loose. The boy backed me up in a corner and I had nowhere to go. I had trouble digging my phone out of my pocket, my fingers were trembling and I couldn’t grab it. I charged at the boy and gave him a good punch in the face and ran for it. I ran till I got to the street corner, I was out of breath I couldn’t go any further. I stood there, leaning against the pole of a street sign, breathing heavily, my body still shaking.

    I saw some headlights appearing from the mist of the night and a midnight blue jeep drove up next to me. My body stiffened and I held my breath, I backed up a few steps when I saw the car door opening. I wanted to run but something grabbed me by the wrist, “Where are you going?” this voice was like a song to me, I loved to hear it. “Shade?” my gaze met his and I could feel my tears forming. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you,” my tears fell down my face and my voice was breaking up. “I got lost and then I was being followed, I was cornered in an alley and they attacked me with some kind of animal.” My body shook violently now, “I was scared, I was afraid I was going to die right there.” He lifted me off the ground and held me close to his body. “Don’t worry your safe now.” He set me in the back seat of the car and he sat in the passenger seat, I saw an older man in the driver’s seat, must be his dad. “Good job son, how is she.” I couldn’t help but listen in on there conversation. “She’s a little shaken up and her wrist was bitten.” I didn’t tell him about my wrist nor did he take the time to look down and notice it. I didn’t care, I was just glad I was safe. I laid my head against the cold window and stared out into the dark seeing the forest quickly pass by. I could feel my eyes drooping and I let out a small yawn, I was more beat than I thought. Shade flipped on the radio to a soft jazz station and I closed my eyes, listening to the soft guitar acoustics. It was a quiet ride to his house, which gave me time to get some sleep. I noticed I forgot to put on my seatbelt when my door was opened and my body was in a free fall. Luckily someone caught me and my eyes snapped open. “Next time remember to put on your seatbelt.” His voice sounded amused, he released me but kept a hold on my good wrist and pulled me along with him.