• Time pass’s and you start to think to yourself what am I doing right now that’s how I feel my job is getting harder and harder I know I can just give it up and go back to my normal life but when you get to the cross rode of destiny you have to pick a path and chose the one you want that’s where my story takes place hi am Amaya am 15 and am carrying the weight of the world but you can’t tell you can just say am just a average girl on the outside the girl, the girl that’s has everything a cute boyfriend, nice friends and cool parents but your just looking in .This all stared 2 years ago in history class that’s where I met my boyfriend Sol I was new in town that time I was really mad at my dad for making us move here at first “you’ll learn to like it and I will be more at home than ever” my father said I wanted to yell and scream at him but my mom just said calm down and see if I liked it and so I did when I saw Sol he looked really nice I was just sitting there alone taping on my book with one hand the other on my face looking outside out of the window waiting for the bell to ring I didn’t even notice Sol coming near the table I was sitting at “mind if I sit here” he said when I heard that I looked way form the window and stared at him then I said “why bother why don’t you go sit with those girls wavering at you”? He just laugh ‘yeah right so they can flirt with me all take my chances ‘Sol said sitting near a chair near me “am Sol by the way” “am Amaya” I said back “wow that’s a nice name its really pretty” “save you lines pretty boy am not like that” he just laugh again “then what are you like?” he said “if I tell you will you go away” I said “maybe” he said “ok then am just “the new girl” and I have a brain unlike your fan girls over their” I said pointing at 3 blond girls eyeing him “I can tell, you’re the only girl I talked to that hasn’t ask for my phone number right now” I just laugh “ladies and gentleman she just laugh” Sol said really loud now everyone was looking at us I just kept laughing then the bell rang and our teacher Ms Kim came in “class please sit down and turn to page 40” she said form that day on me and Sol got along till we started dating sometimes we were complete opposites, but it was ok when it can to school we were competitive, vary completive sometimes my friend Aura would say “every time our teachers give us a project you two would stop acting like boyfriend and girlfriend and act like brother and sister” I would tell her that being “completive once in a while never hurt no one” but…..you start to ask your self are you happy?

    Chapter: 1 Life. When I think about it I mostly have questions some are easy some hard I would never think about them till someone who I thought was gone come back in my life suddenly the pain the life crushing pain when I heard my farther talking about it one day when he said the name Akuma my heart stopped I didn’t know what to think I thought he died in the car crash I can remember that day perfectly 3 years ago it was his 13 birthday we were in my dad’s car listing to music and acting funny we were going to watch a movie the movie was Batman Begins Akuma wanted to see it so badly that his mom made him deal that when he turn 13 he could see it but we never got to see it they say in the police report that another car ran a red light and hit us dead on by the side were Akuma sat we made a promise that day that if we got lost we would never lose our necklaces they were sliver and yin and yang shaped I had yin and he had yang that’s the only thing I can remember of that day beside waking up in the hospital my mom at my bedside, my dad too they said Akuma never made it they say he had a bad head injury that he died after he came in the ER those words hurt me so badly I screamed so loud that day and cried nonstop the thought of him dead sunk in so harsh and painful that day on my parents said I never laugh I never smiled again and some of the stuff I used to do I didn’t anymore because it brought back so many memories of Akuma so my farther got tired of me acting so dispersed made us move here that’s when I met Sol I stared being myself again till one day in math class he was wearing a necklace that looked just like Akuma’s it was the same too sliver and the pendent was black too just like Akumas, my stomach was in knots the next thing I know I was on the ground Sol calling my name ‘Amaya you ok wake up!!!’ ‘Hey someone get the nurse I think she fainted’ the next thing I know I was on a bed in the nurses office with a ice pack on my head and Sol sitting there his face in his arms I got up from the bed half way when Sol looked up ‘Amaya…’ Was all he said ‘yeah am here…what’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing’ he said back ‘ok’ ‘you were screaming….in your sleep’ then he looked away from me ‘what did I say Sol’ ‘you were saying the name Akuma over and over again’ ‘oh….’ That time I could understand why I said his name the bad news was the nurse said I had a high fever form all the screaming and asked Sol if he could take me home I felt fine I told her and I wanted to drive myself home but she said if I don’t let Sol take me home she would call my mom to pick me up so I corrupted when we got in his car he just looked at me ‘ok let’s talk….who is Akuma?’ I took my time answering him ‘he was my best friend he died in a car crash’ ‘oh…’ was all he said ‘Sol just forget it ok he’s dead so just let it be’ ‘alright’

    Chapter: 2: Truth: when we pull in too the drive way at my house I could my dad was home because his black Porsche was in the drive way ‘great’ was all I said ‘don’t worry Amaya I think your fever went down’ Sol said touching my forehead ‘well ok I was wrong’ ‘your not funny’ I said back to him opening the car door he did the same ‘am carrying you’ he said ‘in your dreams’ I said ‘either you like it or not’ he said trying to get a grip on my waist ‘then you have to catch me’ I said running a few feet away from him ‘aw come on not fair you get a head start’! Sol said running after me I just laugh then he was in back of me and tackled me he was on top of me ‘ha now am going to carry you’ he said ‘hey! You two love birds break it up before I take a picture of you’ said a new voice I knew who it was my dad I pushed Sol off of me which was hard ‘hey! No blackmail or am telling mom wear you put your junk food stash ‘I said back getting up and wiping the leafs off of me, Sol did the same when I did, He had a leaf in his blonde hair I got it but he kept moving ‘stop moving am trying to get a leaf out of your hair’ I said to him ‘sorry’ he said standing still ‘shouldn’t you two be at school or were you going to get married and runaway’ my dad said ‘nope not yet Phil’ said Sol ‘that’s Mr. Long to you Sol’ my dad said joking around ‘why would I get married to him all he eats is ramen’! I said ‘hey! I like ramen unlike you who eats that green stuff every day’ ‘you mean salad’? I said back ‘I call it alien food if you ask me’ ‘ok break it up I want an answer now you two’ said my dad ‘ok dad’ I said ‘well?’ ‘Uh…Sol can you tell him I sorta forgot’ ‘ok well there’s not much to say she fainted’ ‘you did’ said my dad ‘yeah’ I said back ‘the nurse ask Sol to drive me home because I had a high fever’ ‘oh… well come on get in the house you two’ said my dad well he was right he would be home more often mostly because he brought his work home my father was a lawyer so it was easy to work from home most people say I look like my mom only with my dad’s black hair, my mother was a doctor so I only see her on days off and when she gets home my mother has blue eyes and brown hair, I was thinking about that when I realize Sol had my hand and was dragging me into the house ‘hey’! I said to him ‘huh?’ he said ‘you can stop dragging me am good now’ ‘ok’ Sol then let go of my hand as I went up the stairs to my room I turned around to see if he was flowing me and he was after that I went to the right which was were my room was the other door I saw was my parents room ‘what’s that other door?’ Sol said ‘that’s my parents room’ I said to him “oh” “yeah” once we get in my room Sol