• "Ugh...Not again..." Yuuka rubbed her eyes seepily, listening to her mother scream at her step father and slam the door.

    "Get back here! You stupid little--" Her step father droned on and on, speaking every sentence with atleast three profane words in them.

    "Go to hell..." Yuuka mumbled to herself as heavy footsteps rattled the walls with an angry shatter of falling pictures coming from the walls. Yuuka played around with her music box, the little song played a comforting tune and Yuuka gradually relaxed. But it didn't last for long, soon the booming footsteps headed toward her room.

    "YUUKA!" A demanding voice called out. "YUUKA YOU STUPID -----!!" Her step father, Seiji Hironami, blasted open the door.

    Yuuka, surprised at the sudden intrusion, fell backwords. "Y-yes, Seiji?" Yuuka could never call him 'father', her real one passed away at her fourth birthday. Seiji had only been her step father for three months, and Yuuka was a quiet girl and never made contact with any of her family members.

    "What are you standing around for? Go call your stupid mother and tell her--" Seiji stopped, seeing for the first time, his step daughter.

    Yuuka was in her Pajamas, and realized immediately what he was doing. Yuuka wasn't a pretty girl, but she wasn't ugly either. She was just a common fourteen year old japanese girl, she had short black hair that reached only to the tip of her chin, pale, clean skin free of pimples, and not too heavy in the stomach area. Her Seiji was looking at Yuuka in the most disgusting way possible. Yuuka backed away into a wall, Seiji creeping up on her slowly.

    "You've grown quite a bit, Yuuka...Why don't you just...Come with me for a while?" Seiji said, nearly drooling, his eyes looking at her in a twisted way.

    "N-No thanks, Seiji...I'd rather go to bed..." Yuuka looked toward the bed and flinched at what she had just said. "On second thought, I think I'll just go look for my mom..." Yuuka looked toward the hallway, her last hope.

    "I'm not giving you a choice, Yuuka..." Seiji suddenly pounced on her gripping her mouth and lifting his hand slowly to her face.

    No...No!!! Yuuka thought, panicking and screaming in her head. Someone...Anyone...Help me!! She knew fairly well that her family was asleep and that no one would save her... In the corner of her eye, a ray of moonlight illuminated her father's shadow upon the wall. Thinking that it was actually a human, she tried to scream at it, but instead she thought it. Please help me! Oh god, please don't let him do this to me! The shadow disappeared, and feeling as if she had no hope left, Yuuka gave up. She stopped moving, stopped caring.

    Seiji grinned in delight. "Finally gave up you--" But he suddenly let her go, and backed up in the wall, clawling at his neck. Yuuka looked at him bewildered and afraid. Seiji suddenly dropped on the grown with a heavy 'THUMP'

    Yuuka nearly screamed, afraid of what she had thought she had done. Oh god, what did I-- Something caught Yuuka's eye, and she jumped back a few feet, realizing what it was. Seiji's shadow, had not fallen with Seiji himself, but sitting on the shadow of Yuuka's desk. "What the hell!?" Yuuka said, shaking in fear.

    "Shh...Don't scream." A voice said, seeming to come from the shadow.