• I woke up with a mosquito buzz in my left ear and my mother screeching in my right ear. I rushed over to my ill mother, trying to comfort her, she had the West Nile fever. I knew she had low chance at living, all in my mind is that she will die next day. I sighed as I held my sweaty mother in my arms. She had her wings out, and I knew she'll just wither away in the night.

    Next day, I was dressed in black, being morbid and I looked over my mother's dead body. I looked up to the sky. Knowing that she is looking over me. A teardrop of mine glistened on my mother's rosy cheek. I promised that I will continue her mission, and I grinned, pushing my white hair behind my ear.

    I put a black, deathly rose on my mother's chest, and took off flying in the blue sky with my white, feathery wings.