I stood there in the field. Everything was silent. Nothing moved. Nothing, except my chest moving to my heavy breathing. I turned to look behind me. The barbed wire fence, at least ten feet tall, towered above my head. My messy hair was crazy and covering my ice blue eyes. I tried to shield my eyes from seeing the bodiless yet deathly battlefield that lay in front of me. What happened here was an event that no one will want to remember.

    2 months earlier

    I walked beside my father as he rambled on about the current war news. We were headed toward the central building when General Sulving stopped us. My father and I saluted the general.
    “You better come see this Commander.” He spoke quickly. My father nodded as Sulving led us to the nuclear building. I look at my father questioningly but he shook his head. I guess it was to important for a thirteen-year-old. I listened anyway.
    “They’re ready.” Sulving said quietly.
    “Wonderful!” My dad said. I looked confused, and I guess my father noticed.
    “Go to our tent, Macy. I need to talk in private.” I followed his command and returned to our tent. I lay down on my sleeping bag and rested for a while. I wondered what Sulving meant when he said they were ready. What’s ready? I decided to ask my dad about it.
    “So, what’s ready?” I tried to sound casual.
    “What? Oh, um... Nothing, really.” He sure isn’t good at sounding casual. I wasn’t so sure it was nothing. It had to be important. Sulving’s voice was urgent. I just had to find out.
    I decided to make a plan. I would somehow spy on Sulving’s meetings. I would find out what was so important, but this wouldn’t be easy. I needed and ally. Somebody who could help me. I thought about this. I knew exactly who could help me.
    “Hi, Haylie!” I sounded fake cheerful.
    “Hey,” She said as she turned around.
    “Hey, I know we’re not great friends, but I need your help.”
    “With what?” Haylie asked.
    “Something important. Come on,” I pulled her back to my tent.
    “What do you mean?” Haylie looked at me in surprise.
    “Just listen. My dad and I were walking when Sulving stopped us and told us something was ready. Do you know anything about this?” I asked her.
    “I think I might have a clue,” She grinned, “Come with me.”
    Haylie led me into the kitchen and we situated ourselves behind some barrels. The cook and Sulving came in.
    “Bingo,” Haylie whispered. I smiled at her.
    “Are they set right?” Sulving asked the cook.
    “Yes. Should I begin?” He replied.
    “Yes, but make sure you’re doing it right,” Sulving stared at him. Suddenly, my dad walked in. I gasped quietly.
    “What was that? Nobody can know about this.” Sulving looked around. Haylie nudged me. The cook started putting something in the food.
    “Don’t worry, Sulving. No one’s here. How’s it going with the bombs?” My father asked. My mind exploded in questions. Bombs? Why does my father know about this?
    “Fine. I think it’s about time for dinner. Right?” Sulving said as he grinned sickly.
    “Yes. Let’s go, cook.” My father turned for the door. A strange glow came to his green eyes. Right now I was to confused to think about anything. As soon as they left I got up. I ran out the back door and Haylie followed.
    “BOMBS??” I exploded as soon as we got outside. Haylie put her finger to her mouth.
    “I know but still,” I said much quieter.
    “I know. I think this whole thing might be bigger than we think. Bombs are something I never want to think about.” Haylie said.
    “Wanna skip dinner?” I asked with a slight grin on my face.
    “Duh,” Haylie half smiled.
    We went back to my tent after spying.
    “Do you think those things could really be bombs?” I asked. Haylie didn’t answer. She just looked at me.
    “The commander and general looked so serious...” I looked out of the tent at the men eating happily. Would they be eating bombs? I was so confused. Maybe it wasn’t real, and maybe I would wake up tomorrow and everything would be the same.
    After eating leftovers Haylie had saved from last night, she went back to her tent and I went to sleep. I dreamt about the open field on the other side of camp. Something was happening, but I couldn’t tell what. I woke up with wide eyes. My dad was at my side.
    “What’s wrong?” I asked him. He looked at me weirdly.
    “You were looking uncomfortable,” He replied in a strange voice.
    “What time is it?” I asked looking around.
    “It’s 5 A.M. I Should leave soon for the control room.” He stood up.
    “Hey dad?” I looked at him, “I heard you and Sulving talking about bombs?” I said as a question.
    “Ha,ha,ha! That was just a joke, sweety.” He looked around a little uncomfortably and left.
    “Weird.” I whispered and I fell back to sleep for a little longer.
    I woke up an hour later and groggily walked to the kitchen to find some breakfast. I grabbed a muffin and looked outside. I saw Haylie sitting on the ground eating. I sat down beside her.
    “Hey,” She said with a grin.
    “Hey. I talked to my dad this morning,” I told her while I was looking at the control room building.
    “What did he say?” She looked surprised because she knew I was talking about the bombs.
    “He said they were just joking around. But when he was about to leave, he looked around uncomfortably.”
    “Weird,” Haylie replied. I nodded and looked back at the building.
    “What are you thinking, Macy?” Haylie questioned my look. I looked at her.
    “I’m thinking we need to find out what’s going on,” I said and started walking toward the control building, throwing out my plate on the way. Haylie jumped up and followed quickly.
    I walked in the room interrupting my father and Sulving’s deep conversation. “Probably about bombs,” I thought to myself.
    “Hey, dad!” I acted all happy. Haylie smiled.
    “Hello, Macy and Haylie. This isn’t the best time-”
    “Aw...but daddy, I was just going to watch you do your work.” I whined cutting him off. Haylie winced at my “daddy’s-girl” imitation.
    “Sweety...” He groaned but stopped when he saw my puppy-dog look. He sighed and walked to a corner to continue his private conversation with Sulving. I sat down in a chair and inserted the hearing piece I snatched from my dad’s case of different important things.
    I listened to their conversation.
    “So, most people were fed last night?” Sulving asked.
    “The cook said there were a few soldiers who didn’t eat last night.” My father replied.
    “Then we’ll make sure that they get a tasty meal tonight,” He said with that annoying sick grin.
    “Sulving, have you thought about radiation?” Commander Jolic asked him as he came up to them.
    “Not now, Jolic-,” He snapped, “Wait. What??”
    “Radiation,” Jolic repeated.
    “Just leave. I need to talk,” Sulving sighed and turned around. As Jolic turned around he mouthed the word ‘corrupt’. I looked at Haylie and we decided to leave then. When we got outside I took out the earpiece.
    “Radiation could kill us all,” Haylie said with a frightened look.
    “I’m hoping we won’t die,” I told her with a determined look on my face.
    “But they already put the food in all the soldiers.” Haylie looked as if she were about to cry.
    “They’re blowing up they’re own army,” I said with realization.
    “But why?” Haylie asked me, even though she knew I had no idea. I shrugged and started walking.
    “If eventually we’re going to die from radiation or bombs, we could at least do something about it,” I told her.
    “So what do we do?” Haylie asked.
    “I’m not sure... but we have to do something now,” I replied grimly.