• Roses are Red
    I sat in English class gazing at the back of Jordan's head. Perfect couldn’t even begin to describe Jordan Carter. He had caramel hair, an all over tan ( I’ve got a few glances at his stomach when he skateboarded home from school without a shirt, so I knew this and that he had a six pack) and the most beautiful eyes. His eyes were hazel with a emerald tint to them. He was about five’ nine” I guess, which would have been perfect for me to dance with since I was five’ six”.

    While daydreaming I also worried. The prom was only a week away, and I didn’t have a date! Luckily for me neither did Jordan. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to ask him. I didn’t have the nerve. Even through, I was a punk, and I was supposed to be all tough, I was really shy. A stern voice shook me out of my thoughts. “Mrs. Banks,” yelled Mrs. Johnson. Mrs. Johnson was the only one to call us by our last names at Dobson High. My real name is Kristina but everyone calls me Kristi Everyone that is, except for Mrs. Johnson. “Yes, Mrs. Johnson?” I asked.

    “I am assuming that you didn’t hear the directions for our partner projects. So, let me repeat them. You are partners with Mr. Carter,” Her voice began to rise, “You may ask him for the rest of the directions, for I do not have the patience for slackers in my English classroom.” She was screaming at the top of her lungs by then. She walked out of the silent classroom and into the halls.

    Jordan turned in his chair to face me and gave me a smile so perfect that it made me ashamed of the braces that lined my teeth. We began working on our project and making jokes about Mrs. Johnson looking like the Wicked Witch of the West. Without all the green makeup, you know. It would have been really funny to see her like that. With the green makeup I mean. After class I met up with my best friend Ruby at our lockers. Her real name isn’t Ruby, but all her friends call her that because of her blazing red contact lenses and hair color. We got our books and reported to out second period classes. At lunch I noticed that Jordan wasn’t at lunch. Us seniors were allowed off campus to eat lunch, but usually he wouldn’t leave without all his friends, and all of them were at their regular table. This made me curious.

    "why would Jordan leave without his friends?" I asked Ruby.

    I met up with Ruby at her car after school. She drove me home, and left with a wave. I walked in my door and prepared for the interrogation that awaited me at diner.The typical what did you learn,” from my dad and “Did you have a good day,” from my mother.
    I rinsed my plate and trudged up the stairs after dinner. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the tub facet. I looked into the mirror at my refection. I washed off the makeup from around my smokey gray eyes and stepped into the tub. The water running on my body soon turned pink from my recently dyed hair. (Dyed pink just to upset my parents when they wouldn't let me dye it black.) After the shower I put on a Less Than Jake t-shirt and fell asleep thinking of Jordan.

    The next morning Ruby and I arrived at school and went to our lockers. We opened our lockers simultaneously. While she got her books I paused. The inside of my locker was covered in red rose petals with a rose laying on my books. Attached to the rose was a note.

    Roses are Red,
    Violets are Blue.
    Little punk Kristi,
    Can I go to prom with you?

    I was so shocked I didn’t even show Ruby. I pulled out a piece of paper from my backpack and scribbled furiously.

    Roses are Red.
    Violets are Blue.
    Skater boy Jordan,
    I would love to go to prom with you!

    I gathered my stuff and practically ran towards English. When i arrived, Jordan was already in his seat. I placed my note in front of him and sat down, waiting for his reaction. He read it, then reread it. Then he turned to me and stared deeply at me with his magnificent eyes.

    Then he cupped my face with his hands and kissed me in front of everyone. We received cat calls from the students and detention from the teacher for disrupting her class. But you know what? It was worth it.