• Prologue
    Fifteen years ago two male vampires broke the rules of the clan and went to meet the all mighty Desmond Tiny. They begged him create children for them. Desmond agreed and took the blood of the two vampires and the blood of their lovers and impregnated the women. The fathers thanked Desmond and began a life with their lovers while still keeping attachments to the vampire clan. A few months later the babies were born, half vampire/half human. Years passed and the babies grew older still oblivious to the other side of them, the other side that was locked away. And this is where our story begins

    Chapter 1-Meet Leo Mathius

    "Wakey, wakey" said a loud obnoxious voice as the blinds were drawn open and the light assaulted my eyes. "Tyler" I said "you have all of 5 seconds to get out of room before I murder you". "You have to catch me fruit cake" said my brother Tyler. "Fine" I said "if you insist". I calmly rolled out of bed and then pretended to lunge at Tyler who screamed and ran out of my room at full speed. "Heh" I laughed as I moved to my dresser and opened it. "Hey champ" said a voice. I turned to face my doorway only to see my dad standing in it. Jake Mathius (a.k.a dad) looks like me except a whole lot older (don’t tell him I said that). Same hair color and the same skin but he has blue eyes and I have gray eyes.
    “Your mom called” he said “she says to tell you happy birthday”. Mom and dad have been divorced for almost 6 years now and James and I have been living with dad for every single second. But I’m getting ahead of myself. My name Is Leonardo Mathius but people call me Leo for short. I’m 15 (well I will be 16 today). I’m about 5’5, tan skin, brown hair (that is long in the back and short in the front) gray eyes, and a buff/slim form. “So are you ready for your big day” asked dad.
    “Aside from the fact that I have to go to school on my b-day” I responded. “I told you that you could go to work with me” he said as I pulled on a under shirt and a navy blue t-shirt. “Dad no offense but the thing that’s even worse then going to school on your birthday” I said “is going to work with your parents on your birthday so thanks but no thanks”. I pulled on my Rocawear jeans and my gray and black Vans. “Oh” he said “alright I guess”. I was about to walk out of my room when dad stopped me. I turned my head and looked in his eyes. His blue eyes were full of confusion and shame. “Dad what’s wrong” I asked. “Nothing” he answered “I just can’t believe you’re growing up so fast I can still remember when you were born and I held you for the first time”.
    “Okay old man” I said “don’t get all mushy on me”. He glared at me. “Who are you calling old” he said. Then as I was about to answer him when my cell phone began ringing. Saved by the bell (or ring tone or whatever). I reached into my pocket and fished my phone out of the pocket. I hit the phone Send button and put the phone up to my ear. “Hello” I said. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO” yelled 5 voices in unison (so loud that I had to hold the phone far away from my ear). “Thanks guys” I said to my friends Peter Brown, Jade Kingston, Sky Kitsume, Kai Kitsume, and Tai Kitsume. “Now hurry up and get your a** downstairs” said Sen. “Well if you keep rushing me I’m gonna take my sweet time” I retorted. “Just hurry” said Kai. “Fine” I said “I’ll be down in a minute”. I hit the End button on my phone, stuffed it into my pocket, maneuvered around dad and ran downstairs. “See you later” I yelled upstairs. “Just be home right after school” he said. “Okay dad” I said as I ran out the door with my messenger bag in one hand and a piece of toast in the other.
    (Jake’s POV)
    “Is he gone” said a voice behind me as I closed the door to Leo’s room. “Yes” I said without turning around. “Good” said the voice of a man. I turned around to see a man about 5’9 with orange hair and a scar running down his right cheek. “Hello Jake” said the man. “Larten” I said offering him my hand. He took it and we shook. “Tea” I said motioning down the stairs. “No” he said “I won’t be staying long, just wanted to check up on my future student”. “Larten” I said “I’m not so sure about bringing Leo into the fold”. “Jake you’ve been putting this off for 5 years” said my good friend Larten Crepsley “you’re gonna have to tell him”. I sighed. “Okay” I said “after the party I’ll tell him”. “Good luck” said Larten and then in the blink of an eye, he was gone. “Heh” I chuckled “Larten you crazy vampire”

    Chapter 2-The Child of Shadows
    Same spot, same school, same life. My name is Rex Garcia, I’m 16 years old, black hair, red eyes, tan skin, and a buff but skinny form. Here I am again, at Westchester High in the shadows underneath tree on the senior lawn. As usual I had my hood up over my head ad my nose in a book to cover my face. I heard the grass crunching behind me. “You’re not all that stealthy Vancha” I said without looking up. “How did you know it was me” said a gruff voice in a confused tone. “You haven’t showered in a while” I said as I slowly closed my book “the smell is overpowering”. I turned to see a man in his mid-forties with brown (covered in grime and god knows what), piercing brown eyes, and scars on his neck, face and arms. He was wearing a dusty animal coat and a pair of torn pants with no shoes. “You’re not supposed to be here” I said getting to my feet. “I realize that” he said “but I wanted to tell you that the prophecy’s events are being set in motion”. “So when am I suppose to meet this other born half-vampire” I asked calmly. “I have no idea” said Vancha “I was about to return to the Mountain to read more of the prophecy, you’re welcome to tag along”. “No thanks” I said. “Suit yourself” he responded and then he turned leave “just remember, the Festival of Blood is in a few days and as a Vampire Prince, you are required to attend”.
    “I know” I said “I’ll be there. Now go before someone sees you”. He nodded and then in the blink of an eye, he was gone. As soon as Vancha disappeared I heard people approaching and voices chattering. “Of course you are all coming to my b-day party. Right?” said a guy’s voice. “Of course” said a girl’s voice “especially since one of us is looking for a man”. Then the people walked out from the C-Building. The first three were the Kitsume twins (Kai and Tai Kitsume) and their older sister (Sky Kitsume). The last two were Jade Kingston and Peter Brown. The five of them were talking among each other as I shrunk back into the shadows and ran into a wall (or rather a lump).
    “Hello Rex” said a voice which I was neither happy to hear nor glad. “What do you want Jason” I said turning to my comrade Jason Oshikura and his younger brother Jess. “Nothing” said Jason “I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that you were trying to get me exiled from the clan”. “I don’t want to Jason but you have forced us too” I said “the council has decided but if you want to change my mind, I’m listening”. Jason’s face went blood red and before I could do anything, he punched me in the chest. I doubled over gasping and Jason was about to punch me again when I gave him an angry glance. “Do you really want to that” I said. “Yes” said Jason and he balled up his fists. He came in for the punch when I grabbed his punch and twisted his wrist behind his back. “This is exactly why you’re getting exiled” I said before releasing his fist “now get out of here before I really get angry” Jason snuffled loudly and angrily walked off with Jess following close behind him. “I’ll get you Rex” he mumbled just loud enough for me to hear him “just you wait”.

    Chapter 3-The Big Secret (Leo’s POV)
    The school day flew by like any other school day (which means really fast). So when 2:57 rolled around and the bell rang, I was already out of the door of the classroom. “Ho yeah” I said as Sky, Kai, and Tai followed behind me “it’s weekend time”. “Leo calm down” said Peter who walked up as we walked toward the gate to the school. “How can I calm down” I said “my birthday party is only an hour away”. “Good point” said Jade entering the conversation as we walked out of the school. “So when is the party and are there gonna be girls there” asked Tai. “Is that all you boys think about” said Jade. “Coming from the person who lives with them” said Sky “yes, that is all they think about”. I rolled my eyes as we walked down the street towards the library. “Oh crap” I said realizing my mistake. “What” everyone said in unison. “Dad wanted me to come straight home after school” I said. “You can’t call him and change the plans" asked Sky. "No" I said "he sounded serious and knowing Dad, he'll kill me if I don't listen to him". The group sighed and I smiled.
    "You guy'll see me later" I said as I walked away towards my house "remember, 6:30". They nodded and I ran off as they yelled their goodbyes. I got to the house in record time but before I could even pull out the keys to the front door, it flew open to reveal my aunt, my grandmother, and of course Dad. "Auntie Nyla" I said as I hugged her with a smile. "Grandma Gladys" I said hugging her with the same smile. I walked into the house as dad closed the door behind me. My aunt Nyla Rascal is a dance teacher from New York and only comes down when it's either someone’s birthday or during the summer with my cousins.
    My grandmother Gladys has got to be the best grandmother on the face of this planet. She's nice and caring but also strict and will not hesitate to smack you up side your head with a shoe. "How are you" they said as I pulled out their death grip of love. "I'm great" I said "and I'm older and I can slowly feel the years creeping up on me". "You can only say that when you get to my age" said Gladys. I laughed as I walked into the house and gasped at the multicolored decorations. "So when are your friends coming over" asked Dad with a smile. "In an hour" I responded "I told them that I needed to have some time to shower and get ready because it takes time to look this awesome". "Stop talking and get into the shower" said Dad as he ruffled my hair.
    I ran upstairs with a grin on my face and a jump in my step. I stepped into the bathroom, flicked on the light, and closed the door behind me. "I'm sixteen" I thought as I turned on the water "I can't believe that the day that I have waited for is finally here". Soon the water was warm and I stripped down and stepped into the steamy shower. I stood there for a minute letting the warm water roll over my back and down off the tips of my hair. "But why do I feel like only half of myself?" I thought as I washed the sweat off my body "why do I feel like half a person I'm supposed to be, why do I feel this way, and who am I really?". I pulled out of my thoughts and continued to wash the day off my body. After about five minutes I turned off the shower and stepped out onto the cold tile floor. A shiver rolled up my spine as I reached to my left and grabbed a towel off the rack. I wrapped it around my waist and walked across the hallway and into my room, closing the door behind me. I pulled on a clean set of boxers and blue jeans. I was reaching for my gray button-up shirt when a loud ringing sound exploded in my head. I gasped out in pain as this was unexpected. I reached up and clenched my forehead as my hands began to sweat and the ringing sound grew louder. Red dots clouded my vision as the ringing grew louder and my body began to tremble. I tried to scream but all that came out was a small peep. I tried to stop shaking but as the ringing got louder I shook even more viciously. I shook until my legs gave out from under me and I collapsed to my knees begging for the pain to stop. Then suddenly the pain stopped and silence ruled my mind once again. I gasped and unclenched my fists (which were returning to their natural pink after being ghost white for a minute or two). I let go of my hair and (still lightly trembling) wiped the sweat on my palms onto the leggings of my jeans. "What the hell just happened" I said gasping as I slowly got to my feet.