• At least I was able to talk to Edward. He had one condition though. We have to wear our best looking outfit!
    I was wearing a black silk long-sleeve T-shirt with matching pants and black boots. Steve was wearing a tuxedo and black dress shoes. Seth surprised me!
    He chose a dark blue pirate-like shirt with black cackies and boots similar to mine. So we had our outfits decided!
    We were all dressed perfectly for Edward's father's big violin concert when it came around that weekend. I still can't believe he has a concert hall in his house? My main concern though is his father's opinion on werewolves. It couldn't be that bad...could it?
    Seth, Steve, and I walked over to the bakery, wearing our best outfits we picked out, seven blocks west from my house to find Edward nibbling on the rest of some kind of pastry. The bakery was amazing! It had an inside similar to Panera Bread, but an entirely different smell.
    The bakery smelled of sugar and flour. The air is thick! It's as if I could lick the air and taste some random pastry. The three of us each bought breakfast, or at least something to munch on until we got to Edward's. I bought a chocolate chip muffin, Seth bought these odd muffins that were supposed to be like cookies but muffins, and Steve just settled with banana nut bread.
    "Hey Edward! How are you doing?" shouted Seth excitedly as we sat down.
    "Shut up Seth!" growled Steve. "Do ya' want to wake up all of Omaha?"
    "Calm down!" I barked. "Sit down, and eat. It makes you less edgy."
    "Wow you guys are...cheery this morning." said Edward sarcastically. "Oh yeah we just spread cheeriness!" growled Seth.
    "Will you both shut up? This is not how people should talk to each other!" I barked. "So Edward, I didn't know you ate, how should say this...Mortal food." I said.
    Edward chuckled. "I should ask you the same question."
    "Touché Edward, but you know more than I do when it comes to this. I may be a werewolf, but my human side just can't stay away from chocolate chip muffins!" We all started laughing, or in my case the occasional snort causing the rest of the guys to laugh even more. The bakery just opened, so it wasn't very busy at the moment.
    As our conversation dwindled on, I began to wonder what time the concert was. "Hey Edward. What time is the concert?" I asked.

    "In about four hours," he said. "Let's go there now. I want to introduce you to the family. I have a car parked outside, so at least we won't be walking." We got up and headed outside. The car that Edward had mentioned ended up being jet-black, 2005, four door Jeep Grand Cherokee. "Slick car Edward." said Steve.
    "Guys, come on! You act like you haven't seen a car before." said Edward.
    We got in a headed north toward Edward's house. I've got to admit, I'm pretty curious as to what his house looks like.

    Five minutes into the ride to Edward's house, Steve said, "Taylor! You alive back there? I haven't heard one word out of you since we left."
    "Yeah, I'm fine. Just...being quiet, and enjoying the ride." I replied.
    Edward was driving, Steve was riding shotgun, and Seth and I were in the back. Three werewolves and a vampire, going to watch another vampire play the violin... You may never see or hear of anything stranger or at least I haven't.