• Say what's that sound?
    It's my heartbeat, it's getting much louder.
    My heartbeat, it's stronger than ever.
    I'm feeling so alive, I'm feeling so alive.

    Your whisper turns to shouting.
    You shouting turns to tears.
    Your tears turn into laughter.
    And it takes away our fears.

    So you see, this world doesn't matter to me.
    I'll give up all I have just to breathe.

    "Ah Li! Aren't you going to work today?!"

    Apparently, my mother had to yell that in my ear. Well, technically, not in my ear. But, it was loud enought that it seemed like she was yelling in right next to me. I hate it when she calls me by my nickname. At least only my family calls me by that. Ugh, stupid iPod, doesn't wake me up anymore. I took the little iPod and pressed pause and tossed it aside. I quickly ran into the shower, and then, started singing. "I'm finally waking up, a twist in my story. It's time I open up, and let your love right through me. I'm finally waking up, a twist in my story." Craaap, it's stuck in my head now. "It's time I open up, and let your love right through me. That's what you get, when you see your life in someone else's eyes. That's what you get, that's what you get." You know the whole shower drill. Then out of the bathroom, tee, skinnies,backpack, grabbing an apple, andetc. And now off to work.

    *Sometime later.

    As I walked in the Office, Siopao was in there already. Siopao was my friend that I work with here at the school, but even thoughshe's two years older than me, we're pretty close. "Hey Sio. What are we doing today?" I asked her while tilting my head and when I finished asking, I flashed her a little innocent smile.

    "Well, looks like we have most of the day off, again. All we have to do is bring the mail over to the Rectory, and then we can do whatever we want." She told me, we were already walking out the door of the school already.

    So, we walked to the Rectory, dropped off the mail, said hi to Siopao's mom and then left. "So, Sio, where do you wanna go?"

    "Honestly, wherever's fine with me."

    "Umm, okay, then do you wanna go to the tennis courts? I wanna say hi to someone." Why'd I say that? Now I know she's gonna ask who this "someone" is.

    "Ehh? Someone? Anyone I should know about?"

    Greeat, now, what do I say? "Umm, no not really. Just Tiffany and them people." Hmm, that was a good coverup. Tiffany WAS going to be there, anyways.

    So, we got there, and there was this guy just standing there and he just asks us, "Hello, are you in the Tennis program?"

    Pssh, does it look like we're in the program?

    So, Siopao justs tells the guy, "No, actually, we're here because we have to give someone a message." And just like that, he lets us in.

    Well, it was only about 10:30 at the time, so we had until 12. So, Siopao and I just talk about anything that came to mind. I honestly don't even remember what we talked about. There was relationships, drama, friends, boys, food, and who knows whatelse. But finally, it was twelve, and the tennis camp thing was over. Everyone was leaving now, and then, Siopao says that she has to go, so we say bye, and I told her that I would see her soon. Then, I see Justin. I was too much of a chicken to just walk up to him and say hi, but I was going to try. But, I was stalled for a moment. So many people were coming up to me now, just to say hi. They were all friends that I haven't talked to or seen in a while. But after a few minutes of Hi's & Hellos, I was finally able to break away from the crowd and talk to Justin.

    With my usual shyness, I gave him a little wave and a smile and calmy get the courage to talk and say, "Heey Justin. I thought I'd come here, I had nothing else to do today anyways."

    "Well, this was unexpected." And then nervously says, "You didn't see me trip over the net before right?" hoping that I didn't see that.

    Well, I had to lie and make him feel happy, "Aww, you fell? Are you alright?" Hmm..? That sounded a lot better in my head.

    "Yeah, I'm perfectly fine. Look, I know it's last minute, but I kinda have to cancel on us chilling today. Can we postpone it to tomorrow?"

    "Umm, suure."

    "Look, I'm really sorry. Forgive me please?" And then he gave me that smile, that I just couldn't say no to.

    "Of course I'll forgive you." I said that with a faint smile.

    "I'm sorry once again. Let me walk you home. I owe you for it."

    "Haah, okay then." And so he walked me home, well, technically, he didn't walk me home. Instead, he took me on a ride on his bike. It was kinda cool though, the wind in my hair. While riding, we really didn't engage into a conversation. But, that gave me a time to think, I really like this guy, don't I? Hmm..?