• Chapter 1

    I found myself sitting on a horse, dressed as a knight and surrounded by an army of about three hundred and dressed just like me. It felt strange to be in an unknown area, and it felt strange not knowing what was going to happen next.

    I scanned the area around me. All that was seen was a big green field of fresh grass and pine trees bordering it. The environment looked as if I were in a different time period, or a different country. I was curious as to what a whole army of knights would be doing in an open field.

    "Are we waiting for something?" I wondered. The knight standing in front of me blocked me of my view, so I lifted myself from the horse's back and looked over the knight's head, at the same time balancing myself. Ahead of us I found another army as big as mine standing about a quarter of a mile away. What it appeared to me was that there was going to be a war soon.

    "Good lord," I whispered. "How did I get involved in this?"

    A knight from the back of the crowd approached me sneakily with his horse and stopped next to me with a nonchalant posture. I attempted to avoid eye contact with this man, for I didn't know his intentions. The pistol in my face got my attention instantly.

    "Time to go, Adam Prescott," he growled at me. Before I said anything, the trigger was pulled.

    I shot up immediately from my bed after the nightmare ended, only to hear th obnoxious beeping of my alarm clock. What a lovely noise to hear irst thing in the morning! I let the beeping continue, for the dream seemed so real. Every detail about it - the field, the gun, the armies - felt like it was supposed to mean something, like a premonition.