• Interesting day

    On a cold wintry night,…. no. One sunny summer day in the Red Republic, Steve spent the morning at the beach enjoying the water as it licked his feet, and the sand as it cradled his hands. Completely ignorant of how important that day would be for him, and the whole entire world.
    “what a great day in Red”, said Steve as he watched children play in the sand, making sand castles. Up until now the war waging between the three republics and rebellion seemed to distant, it was another three years before he could be enrolled in the forces and he had no intention to join in the first place. “Come”,............ “who are you?” said Steve. As he looked up, Steve realized there was something wrong with this person, he (Steve assumed this person was a man) was dressed in all black in a T-4 hover bike full face helmet with a jacket covered in red sploches that looked very much like blood.
    Steve got a bad feeling that went down his spine and stayed there.
    “lets go”
    “where?” Steve said nervously.
    “you’ll find out.” and with that the assumed man gave Steve his shirt and waited for Steve to put it on and proceeded to lead Steve toward a nicely customed and reinforced car.(it belonged to Steve's estate manager, but Steve made payments, so he would own it someday) “That’s not my car” said Steve,“yes it is” “how do you know?” “we’ve been tracking you” “we?”,said Steve curiously. “We have taking a liking to your skills”, “I don’t know what you’re talking about”, “yes you do”. crap. Thought Steve, they know, and I thought I was so careful to.


    Wow. Said Steve, as he held the sword in his trembling hands. “This is amazing.” Steve held the sword as if it weighed five pounds although it was easily five feet from the tip of the blade to the hilt, and a foot in width. “I just said out and the blade jumped off the paper, mom I swear!”. “don’t tell lies, the devil will enter you soul with martinis and party hats, and I will not have a son of the devil in my house as long as I live.” “so?” “so don’t lie and god will use his blessings to heal and help you in life.” “well if god is so blessed why do we have war?” Steve said. “because god has a wonderful sense of humor” Steve heard his dad say from another room. “Jerry (Steve‘s father), lets not do this” “yes dear” said Steve’s father who was now in the room “anything he said with a mournful glance as he sat in his big comfy anti-air chair. “So what’s this about a drawing then?” “I drew this sword and then it jumped off the page into my hand.” said Steve. “hmmmm….” “what sword?” Steve looked around and the sword had indeed disappeared from the room. His mother was dumbfounded, his father was lazily scanning the room with less interest then he’d have for a horsefly. “Alright.” Dad said, “lets say there was in fact a swor-” “but there was!” “I know” said dad “but it’s gone now so lets forget about it.
    Although his parents seemed consistently calm from then on. Steve knew they feared his supposed ability because they always had a chore for him when he started to draw, sleeping curfew was enforced so he wasn’t alone ‘till he in fact fell soundly asleep in his room, and there was always just enough paper (newfound water on mars allowed farming and agriculture to keep trees and other organic substances alive) to do homework and notes on. Meanwhile I discovered the secret to my drawings.

    Current future

    Darkness hugs me.
    Steve was now hurling down aero-way 92 with the stranger in black motionless except for his hands and feet witch controlled our speed. “Aren’t you going to tell me where were going at least?” screamed Steve over the roaring sounds of thousands of other aero-vehicles whirring past us, “to the base” was the only response. We shouldn't have been speeding.

    Wham! Steve was sent flying while the stranger hung to his steering panel while the defensive shields went up around the bike. A giant military issue mecha defense unit proceeded to catch Steve in mid-air. Crack! was the sound Steve heard as slammed to an unexpected stop in the mech’s huge titanium re-enforced stainless steel hand. “Crap.” Thought Steve, “I broke something” suddenly a booming sound, like a worn-out stereo, crackled to life and a voice said sternly, “Steven, age 16, Republic: red, code 222; objective completed, recon beginning”. Steve took all this in and realized with a dreadful moments thought that the military was looking for, (and had now found) him. “crap.” Steve knew he was in for a bumpy ride.