• That room surrounds her. She can't breathe, there is no light. Where is the light? The darkness is choaking her, she gasps for air, clutches the air she can't breathe. Her vision is getting blurry. Her head tilts back.

    This is it
    she thinks. Her body falls back. The ground get closer, oh so closer, until she jerks away from the dream.

    Soma lays there still. Looking around at the room that haunts her dreams. The light shines in this real prison; she can breathe. Slowly she sits up, and glances at the door. Something was laying there. Soma walks over and picks up a small envelope.

    ~Please enjoy this present.~ a letter read. Her captors must be playing a joke she thought. She through the letter down. As she turned to walk away, a pencil rolled out of the envelope. She picked it up, and turned it around a bit.

    Making her jump, another letter slid under the door. She opened it and found four sheets of blank paper.

    An hour later, the papers were filled with incridible sketchs of creatures and places she had never seen before. Placing them on the floor, neatly spread out, the breath was once again taken from her. She fell to the floor. She gasped, knowing this wasn't a dream. She kicked, and tryed to scream. She knew no one would hear her. Gasping, she stared at her pencil. After two years of solitude, that one pencil had been the only form of entertainment she had ever had. The last hour was the best hour she ever remembered. That pencil was broken. She gathered all her energy, and took in a breath. With the breath, she allowed her soul to fly away. There wasn't anything left for her. This was her chance to escape the pain and bordom. So she left.

    A man walked into her room, and saw blank eyes staring at him. He looked down untroubled. He picked up her drawings, and stared. The pencil he had given her was broken. He supposed he should give the body back to the family.

    ~Police report~
    Body found in ditch. Reason of death unknown. Man in coustody for kidnapping and illegal expirimentation on human brain. Statment from man says he broke humans off from world until point of madness. Each victim was givin one pencil to amuse themselves with. Body was found to have damage done in the brain. Was possibly insane.

    Soma felt a tear run down her cheek as she stared at them write it. She screamed and screamed at them.
    "I WASN"T INSANE! I'm right here!" she sobbed '' I'm right here. Can't you see me?" A hand touched her shoulder. She turned.

    "What's your name sweetie?"
    "I see you Soma, I see you."
    "Who are you?"
    "I am God."

    Soma choaked. God hugged her tight.
    "I have always seen you. I have always known who you are. You are my child. I love you."

    Soma hugged back. They walked into nothingness. Eventually, they came somewhere. She looked around, and saw everything. She smiled, and took four sheets of paper from her pocket. The drawings were of this place. That single pencil had brought her heaven...