• "Myra" A voice whispered from behind her, she must have fainted, all she could remember was the crash of her and others car on the highway, but the memories disappeared all at once. " Are you alright Myra?"
    " Who?" She said in reply. What was this strange figure talking about?
    "You, Myra." The nurse said walking torwards her " Are you felling ok, it was a bad pile-up"
    "My name isnt myra, is it?" She questioned the nurse. " Where am i?" Myra couldnt remember anything for some reason, everything went blank to her.
    " Are you alright Myra, your in the hospital, there was a bad car accident, you went into a coma. You dont remember any of that?" The nurse asked, Myra knew that something was wrong.
    " No..." Myra said softly. Then, the nurse walked out of the room for a while and came back, a docter standing byside her.
    " So this is her?" He asked the nurse, then sat on the hospital bed next to Myra. " You remember me, Myra? Im docter charleston, you saw me before you went into the coma" He had worry in his eyes.
    " I dont remember you, or any coma" She said. He turned torwards the nurse.
    " Amnesia" He said while getting up " Myra, you just have to stay with us one more day, then you can go home."
    The next day, Myra woke up early in the morning, she was suprised to see the docter standing right next to her " Good morning" He said suprised to see her up " How was your sleep, Miss Smith?"
    "Who?" Myra asked curiously
    " Oh, i forgot..." He said turning his head away from her " But, still, how was your sleep"
    " It was good, and yours?" She asked, he turned his head back facing her.
    " Good, thanks for asking" He said smiling. " Just tell us when your ready to go home, Myra"
    " Im ready now" She said in a hurry " where do i go though?"
    "Oh yeah, your sister, Anna, will be arriving soon to pick you up " He said. She got up and threw on a set of new clothes because the ones she arrived in were bloody, and her sister had dropped these off.
    When she got down to the lobby, her sister was there waiting for her " Oh My God! Myra, are you alright?? You been in a coma for 4 weeks, how do you feel?" She questioned Myra when she noticed her bruises.
    " Yeah, im ok. And what about you, what happpened??" Myra had noticed that Anna had bruises and cuts along her body too
    " It was just the pile-up Myra, im alright." Anna and Myra jumped into the car, 'Who is she??' Myra kept thinking to herself 'Is SHE my sister??'
    Myra looked out the window, noticing a man along the side of the road. But, he was more like a shadowed figure, calling her to come closer. " You see that, what-ever-your-name-is"
    "Its Anna, Myra, im your sister, and i dont see anything, only road." Anna said " You must have REALLY hit your head.
    " I guess so.." She said "But, even though i dont remeber anything, i know i couldnt have hit my head that hard" She jumped out of the car once the car camed to a stop outside what, Myra thought, must have been Anna's home. Wow, she thought, I must come from a wealthy family if my own sister has a home like THIS. She cimbed 3 sets of stairs before reaching the door, But when she did, the outlining was stringed with lights.
    " Why the lights?" Myra asked Anna
    " Its almost christmas, dont you remember that Myra??" Anna suprisingly asked " We put some up at your house right after the accident"
    " Oh.... christmas" Myra opened the door to be welcomed by a little girl wearing a long white dress and long blonde hair, her bright blue eyes showed her joy of seeing Myra
    " Merry christmas Aunty Myra" She said hugging Myra " Where have you been?"
    " Alice, you know the car accident we saw on the news honey?" Anna asked " Well, Myra was in the accident, she was at the docters for a long time. She just cant remember anything sweetie"
    " Are you okay Aunty?" Alice said looking up at Myra "You got any booboo's?"
    " Im alright...Alice....And I just cant remember much, i dont have any booboo's at all" Myra said kindly
    " Good Aunty" Alice let go of Myra and ran half way up the stairs " Come on, arent you coming?"
    " Sure" Myra smiled. " Ill be right up Alice"
    " Isnt she adorable?" Anna asked " Her father is away, So im all she has for now."
    " She your daughter?"
    " Yep"
    " She go to school?"
    " No, homeschooled."
    " Oh, Well its great you got a daughter like Alice" Myra explained " I think I should go see her now"
    " Go ahead"
    Myra ran up the stairs, solid gold. Marble floor, White and gold walls. Beautiful home, Myra thought, I wonder if mine is just as great. She stopped when she saw Alices room. Alice was waiting right inside when she opened the door, holding a doll in her arms, she was sitting on her queen sized bed.
    " Your here!" Alice called out " Heres a dolly for you, her name is samantha, shes my favorite!" She handed Myra the doll.
    " Thanks Alice, shes beautiful!" Myra saiding, also holding the doll in her arms.
    " You are my favorite Aunty!" Alice danced in circles " Yay! Go Aunty Myra!"
    When Alice finnaly calmed down, her and myra played for hours, until it was finnaly time for Alice to go to sleep.
    " Good night Aunty Myra"
    " Good night Alice, ill see you in the morning"
    Anna came into the room and kissed Alice on the head " Night Night sweetie"
    " Night Night momma" Alice rolled on her side and went to sleep.
    " Come Myra, i think its time for all of us to go to sleep"
    " What time is it?"
    " 10:30"
    " Your right, im tired" Myra was lead to one of the many guest rooms. " Thank you for letting me spend the night Anna"
    " No problem, we are sisters, arent we?" She said delighted to have her sister here with her for the first time in 5 weeks.
    " Of course, were we close before the accident?"
    " Actually, very, But mom and dad hated me for being close with you, so neither of us talk to them. Kamele hates us too but i dont mind." Anna explained
    " Whos kamele?"
    " Sister, and john is one of our brothers, Macrus, our other brother... isnt alive right now..." Anna said, she felt tears about to form, but left the room in time so Myra couldnt see. Myra feel into a deep sleep until around 3:00 in the morning, when she woke to the sound of someone calling her name.
    " Whos there?" She asked aloud " Show yourself"
    " Its me, remember Myra" A Man appeared from the darkness, the shadow from the side of the road she saw once before " Im here to take you home Myra, just come with me" His voice sounded dark and evil, but Myra couldnt tell.
    " No, i dont remember you, Who the hell are you?"
    " Someone who can take you away from here, to where you REALLY belong"
    " What do you mean by that?" She said backing up in her bed
    " Death Myra. Anna and Alice are just pretending to enjoy you around them. Dont you remember, you and Anna hated each other through out the years. She wouldnt even let you see Alice before the accident. Why should you live with this?"
    " But... why would they do this... why are they nice to me now??"
    " They are geting payed to pretend, they are planning on getting rid of you soon"
    " i dont understand..."
    " You have until tomarrow night to make up your mind, come with me and i can make everything better... or be stuck in a lonely world" He said as he disappeared into the darkness. She was so confused her brain was pounding and her heart raced. "What if hes right" she asked herself "Why should i go through a lonely world, and he said he would take somewhere better... what do i do??"
    She finnaly passed out around 4:30, still wondering if she should go with the man, or say here, and being thrown into a lonely world...
    The next day passed, Myra had made her dissision. She stood up all night, waiting for the shadow to appear once again. Then, he did.
    " Did you make your choice Myra?" He asked walking torwards her.
    " Yes... im leaving with you..." She dropped her head.
    " Good, just sign here Myra.. everything is going to be better"
    She signed.. not bothering to read the writting before her signiture was located on the bottom of the page. She had given into death. But never knew, he had told her all lies. Anna and Alice found Myras dead body lying in the bed. The shadow had stollen her soul.
    The end

    I goin 2 do a sequal bout wat happens to Anna and alice also, so stay tuned, lol

    The sequal

    Anna And Alice After Myras Death