• He made her jealous...
    On purpose
    he tried when the gurl asked him " do you love me ?"
    On purpose he lied.
    he played with jelousey like it was a game.
    Little did he kno thigns would never be the same.
    His plan was working.but he had no clue how wrong things would go
    the damage he would do.
    One night she broke down feeling very alone,
    just her and a blade,
    No one else home,
    she dialed his number and he answered" Hello?"
    SHe told him she loved him and hung up the phone.
    He rushed to her house a minute to late,
    found her lying in blood.
    her heart had no rate,
    Beside her was a note,
    in it her confession,
    her love for this boy,
    her only obsession.
    As he read the note he knelt to the ground
    and cried and grabbed her knife.
    That night they both died.
    she was found in his arm both of them dead.
    under her note in his handwriting it said
    " I loved her so .
    She never knew..
    All this time i loved her too.