• I look up from my nap to see two worriers, one on a pure silver beast the other an ash black beast. The beast and worrier run away unseen in but a flash as did the beast and it's worrier in a brush of smock. The beast and worrier come back in but a moment as fast as they left. He was wounded badly but did not show pain. "I'll live long enough to teach you how to ride and fight upon a great beast that was gust born moment ago." He said this claim and cool. I just said "yes." He told me that was he's first fight with that enemy. And that he killed that foe master many years ago. The training started that moment on.

    Weeks it to my training I when to town for food and drink. In the market I meet a girl so beautiful I near fell to the ground from her sight. Eye's like two pools of the clearest water, hair like that of an angle, her face so beautiful all ells that was near paled in comparison two her but more alive and beautiful at the same time. All of her seemed so beautiful, but it seemed I had seen her before. Walked up as cool as I could and said in a claim cool voice "Hi." She turned, smiled and said in a graceful and sweet voice "Hi". She and I flirted and fell in love. I told her my life and she told hers. Her name was Tranquility. We were the same age. We dated in secret because my master forbids a romantic relationship so to have few weaknesses. We were happy for a long time.

    My training was near at an end after near a year and I was thrilled. But I had forgotten that master was hurt and would die soon after. He had showed no pain until one day before it happened, before my first great beast worrier battle. I was given armor that night before. I saw the enemy in the middle of training early the next morning. I run to battle with out a second thought. It was long and lasted until noon. I shouted you mad me late for a date, they paused, master said in the back ground “DATE”. We swung our sword and struck each other mask and helmet off at the same time. The masks and helmets flow off in unison. The foe I fought in a tie for that day was my love Tranquility. In fear that our love had ended she ran to the forest with me running after nether of us on our beasts. I jumped and got her to the ground in one motion. She and I face to face on the ground. Shocked and just staring at each other in the dimly light clearing in the forest. I rolled over and laughed out loud and said “this is where we were t meet on the date to kiss and talk.” We at the same time exhaled then rolled over looking in to the others eyes. We kissed for what seemed to be a long time. She said in a whisper “I never caught your name”. “I have none” I said softly. She said in the same whispering voice “Then I’ll give you one my love.” “I’ll keep any name you give me sweetie.” Is what I what I said in the same soft voice. “Beastly Knight.” She said in a proud whisper. We walked hand in hand out of the forest smiling all the way. We found my master under a tree we never saw before dieing slowly with out pain. He said with a smile on his face “the war I never told you about is over.” “You may date her.” were his last words. As he died he turned to stone. He be come one of the statues of long died heroes that surrounded the tree all in poses of their last moments.

    Tranquility and I got married one week after on a hill over looking the beach and sea. We lived in good sized hut near that beach but close to the tree where my master died. We had a set of twins. One was a boy the other a girl. The boy we named Beastly Peace. The girl we named Peaceful Knight. They got their own beast at the same age as us so we trained the kid with the same beast as us. I train the boy, she the girl. We lived long and happy lives. When we died we died next two the tree of heroes, lying hand in hand looking in each others eyes. The kids keep the peace after we died.

    The end.