• Tora woke with a start, sweating and disturbed by her former dream. She rolled out of bed and scurried into the bathroom, vomiting when she reached the sink. She reached over and turned on the bathroom light as she wiped the remnants of vomit off of her chin. She looked up into the mirror and examined her face. The dark bags under her eyes, from the previous sleepless nights, seemed to be even darker now. She pulled her hair back and rubbed cold water over her face.
    She hadn't slept in days due to the horrible dreams she had been having. Well, she hoped they were dreams... They always seemed so real, so vivid. She couldn't stand them yet they kept coming back.
    She shut off the bathroom light and clumsily made her way back to her bed. She crawled under the covers and rested her head on the pillow. She closed her eyes and hoped to sleep, but she knew that she wouldn't tonight.