• It was an ordinary day really... Joe had just left the cafeteria, full of unrecognizable meat byproduct. Meanwhile, two mysterious scientists were sitting in the bushes staring at him.
    One spoke, "That's one cute kid... lets kill him!".
    The other scientist responded, "No! Lets kill everyone in his school! Mwahaha!".
    The school janitor heard them and ran to warn the school but it was too late for him. The crazier of the two mysterious scientists pulled out what looked like a slice of bologna and threw it at the janitor who cried in pain as he was turned into a giant, zombie, hamburger. The zombie hamburger turned towards the school and walked towards Joe, who was reminded by the scent of the rotting beef, of the many days spent vomiting from eating cafeteria food. He promptly threw up on the hamburger, which, because it was so smelly, smelt less bad because of the comparatively nice smell of the upchucked meat byproduct (every bit as nice as before it was consumed). The scientists decided to zombify Joe as well and when the bologna substance made contact with him, he became not the standard rotting hamburger, but a zombie sloppy joe!
    "Yes... YES!" shouted one of the demented scientists. "With this we can take over the world! MWAHAHA!"
    The principal came out and shouted to the demented scientists, "You are both so demented! Making people into hamburger zombies of DOOM is an expellable offense! Deranged! DERANGED! You are both crazy! CRAZYCRAZYCRAZYCRAZYCRA-"
    A tree fell on the principal saving the readers form his crazy rant. The scientists suddenly reached into their pockets pulling out their cell phones. Looking at the phones they both realized they were out of minutes so they decided to postpone taking over the world to refill their pay as you go phones. And so, the world was saved by pay as you go phones... saved from the zombie hamburgers of DOOM.