• Chapter one: Time heals all wounds

    At a very young age, starting at about 4 or 5, Slade's parents caused him to go blind by "Accidentally" Stabbing icicles into his eyes in the winter. His parents never took him to the doctor, nor even stopped the bleeding in any way. They started to insult him, calling him names, as his heart slowly started to break. The last words that broke his heart completely were "Never come home. We hate you." Those words kept replaying in his head, and he stayed, lying in the snow, tears of blood slowly trickling down his cheeks.

    Voices in his head, not his own, started telling him things, that the other people were worthless, even his friends wanted him dead. They convinced him to kill his whole village, his concience totally blocked out. They told him to train, get stronger, then attack. Some years later when he was 10, His heart was still broken, and he had not killed anyone, except for the animals, to get his food. One night, he snuck into his village and into his former house. His parents who still lived there, were asleep. A maniacal grin crossed his lips. He had taken a machete, which was quite worn down, but was still sharp. He beheaded his mother, knowing she would scream if he gave her a slow death. He didnt want anyone else in the village dead by now. He jabbed the knife into his father's stomach as he woke. As he slowly started to lose blood, he looked up and saw Slade, still grinning. He twitched and growled. "..Aiko.." Slade grinned even more. "It's Slade now, jerk.. That name doesn't suit me anymore, especially since I never knew what love or affection even WERE! Why would you name me 'loving child' if all you did was betray me!" He snarled, his gaze growing cold. His father growled, and went to yell out and swear at him, but one of his lungs was punctured, and he could hardly even breath. He flinched from the pain, and layed his head back down. His skin slowly grew pale, and he started shaking.

    Slade's grin grew again, His broken heart mending itself together. He chuckled. "It's too bad you never wanted me to come home. That way, you'd still be alive, and not in this situation.." Slade smiled. "I hate you.." His father managed to choke out. Slade growled. "Coming from a man who is getting killed from his ten year old son." Slade nodded, then chuckled. "I'd hate me too." He grasped the machete, And tugged it sideways, puncturing his father's lung. His father gasped, and twitched. His eyes closed, still not fully dead. Slade grinned. He pulled out the machete. His heart had healed, but no hearts can be healed correctly. One always has an error in it. The error in Slade's heart, was that the way his heart was "Fixed" just made him want the desire to see people suffer, Get killed. Now, he left his house, and started off towards his best friend's house, who supposedly wanted him dead.