• “Fine.” The Demon told Darius with an angry tone “Whatever. *cough* It doesn’t matter. The damage has been done…”
    “I don’t know if my son will even hatch. I probably won’t even live to see it…”
    “*cough cough* Damn Angels…”
    “If you are dying…” Darius started “I can take care of your son.”
    “WHAT!?” The Demon yelled “Let a goddamn Angel like you-- *cough*--ruin him? ******** YOU!”
    “Angels are the enemies of all Demons! I don’t want him screwed up like those other brats of yours!”
    “*cough cough* You can’t-- *cough hack* I’ll never let-- *cough*”
    “You want your son to die instead? I do not want that.” Darius explained “If he can, your son must live. That is what I believe, even if I am an Angel.”
    The Demon stayed silent.
    “The attack…this whole war, it is very bad. I am terribly sorry. I want to do all I can do.” Darius had explained to the Demon. “I promise to you, your son will live. No matter what. Your son will live.”
    After Darius had said those words, the Demon hacked up more blood than it had before, it seemed as if it was gushing out of his mouth.