• I sighed in sorrow, looking at the room. I was abruptly stopped when he trailed his finger down my arm.
    “You okay?” He asked.
    I didn’t reply at first, seeing their sad expressions in my head when we told them all. “Yeah, I guess.”
    I knew he was smiling when he caressed me gently. I put my hand on his arm that wrapped around my chest and closed my eyes. I could feel an ice cold tear drop from my eye. I sniffed a little.
    “Are you crying?” He asked. I didn’t reply. “You are, aren’t you?”
    “Yep,” I replied in sorrow.
    “Sleep,” He murmured, putting his hand on my face and wiped my tear away.
    “Okay,” I sighed again and closed my eyes gently and drifted into a dream state.

    Chapter One

    When I saw Takuya walk down the stage, setting up his guitar, my heart sped up five beats.
    “Miku-Chan!” I heard. I hissed as Kanon appeared in front of me.
    “I’m a boy!” I yelled.
    “Oh?” Kanon smiled jokingly. “And how do we know that?”
    “Leave him alone.” Yuuki replied as the audience came in. I could hear them yell when they saw Yuuki walk backstage. “He’s only a boy.”
    “Leave me alone!” I cried.
    “Miku,” Teruki called after me. “Should I go drum test?”
    I smiled, knowing I was in charge, and nodded. “Go ahead.”
    There wasn’t much noise as Teruki went on stage. When the bass drum heated up, the crowd went wild and cheered. Kanon looked back at the stage and poked my head.
    “Go out there, just walk across the stage.” He said.
    “No.” I turned in anger.
    Yuuki pushed me. “Yeah, go.”
    “Fine.” I replied. I walked across the stage, and when I was in the middle of the stage, I heard at microphone turn on.
    “It is the great, all-powerful Miku Chan!”
    II put my head down in anger as Kanon’s head poked out from the curtains. The audience went wild again as Teruki jumped down from the platform his drums we’re on. He walked over to me and put his arms out in joy as Yuuki skipped onstage and threw ribbon around me. I blushed and glared at him.
    “Where the hell do you get ribbon Yuuki?” I murmured.
    “I have ways.” He replied.
    I turned and glared at him and walked away toward the amplifiers, where the other stage opening is. I didn’t notice a small platform that elevated up, and walking forward, I tripped and began falling off the stage. Once more the audience went wild. Just then, Takuya ran out and grabbed my arm before I fell. He held it like that for about a minute and I saw bright camera flashes. Takuya pulled me up and twirled me in his arms. Our faces we’re just centimeters away from each other for that 10 seconds, and then he went to get his guitar. I stood there, blushing. Kanon then ran across the stage, and when he crossed Yuuki, he grabbed his arm and pulled Yuuki away. Teruki ran after the two and dragged me backstage.
    “What the hell we’re you thinking!?” Yuuki yelled.
    “Yeah!” Kanon joined. “That wasn’t part of the plan!”
    “Plan?” Takuya hissed, strumming his guitar, and tuning it. “You wanted to embarrass Miku?”
    “Yes.” Kanon said, and Yuuki nodded. “Yes we did.”
    “Not very good friends.” Takuya continued at his guitar.
    “Why do you like Miku so much?” Kanon asked. “You act like he’s—“
    Takuya got so mad that when tuning his G string, it snapped in half. “Because he hired me to be a guitarist in one of Japan’s most successful bands, you dunce. You should be thankful too.”
    “I am.” Kanon replied, grabbing his bass.
    Takuya grabbed his guitar string pack and fixed a new one on his guitar. I just faked a smile and walked to Takuya, and I hugged him joyfully. “He’s my best friend!” I cheered.
    Kanon and Yuuki both just looked. “Erm…” Teruki held up his drumsticks. “Come on guys.”
    “Ok.” I smiled at him. I grabbed the microphone and looked at myself. “Let’s do this!” I yelled into the microphone. The audience went crazy again. I skipped onstage and held up my free arm and yelled out the name. “An Café!” I cheered with a huge smile. Teruki began drumming as Kanon warmed up his bass and Takuya strummed. Yuuki played his keyboard and looked up at the audience. We all began at the songs. Of course, we wanted the audience to pick the first song.
    “What song do you want?” I yelled out. I heard ‘Orange Dream’ and ‘Cherry Saku Yuuki’. But most yells called for ‘Ryuusei Rocket’ for what I heard. I looked back at Teruki. I held up a 1, representing Ryuusei Rocket being track one on the album. The other band members nodded, and the playing began.
    The whole concert was a thrill. The Chicago audience was huge; people gathered from all over America came. We went to two other concerts in America, and now we we’re headed back to Japan, but we had to go on a normal plane. Disguising as a normal citizen was kinda hard. One person yelled. “Omg, Mikuuuu!!” and another yelled. “Is that Yuuki and Kanon!?” We told them we just got back from winning at a cosplay convention as An Café and they all bought it. They all did get curious at why we had instruments, but they didn’t ask. Takuya walked in front of me while heading down to the plane, and then, once more, the elevation on the ground was stupidly unseen by me and I tripped like a J-Rocker with my arms flailing to the side yelling “NANII!”, and I collapsed embarrassingly onto Takuya. Our thick coats that hided our jrock attire and hoods that covered our hair came off and I fell right on top of him. We looked at each other in embarrassment. People gasped and got pictures as Yuuki pulled me up and Takuya stood and blushed, looking at the people.
    “Come on,” Kanon grabbed his arm and we all ran into the plane.
    When seated, we had to have people guarding our seats. Kanon sunk into his chair.
    “You idiot.” He murmured.
    “Such a klutz.” Yuuki shook his head.
    “That’s what I get from being around you so much Yuuki!”
    “Oh,” He sighed. “That hurt.”
    I was not in the mood for sarcasm. Takuya was blushing, sitting beside me, looking out the window. I whispered to him in sorrow.
    “Sorry.” I said. He smiled, but didn’t look.
    “Eh, accidents happen.”
    Teruki looked over the chair from behind us. “Are you gay?” He asked. We both, at the same time, glared at him. “Sorry,” As he said that, he sank back down to his chair.
    I leaned on Takuya’s shoulder and smiled. “Best friend~” I happily said.
    “Yes,” He laughed.

    Chapter Two

    Finally, we made it to Tokyo.
    The whole plane ride I was asleep on Takuya’s shoulder. I remember he wrapped his arm around me and began humming one of our band songs Daybreak. I smiled before I went to sleep.
    And, of course, Yuuki woke me.
    “Wake up lovers!” He laughed. He crumpled a piece of random paper and chucked it at my head. When I just twitched, Kanon whacked my head.
    “I am Miku!” I popped my head up with a smile and looked about. “Oh… Okay. Sorry guys.”
    “Let’s go.” Teruki got out of his seat. “I’m sick of this.”
    Takuya poked me, and I looked at Yuuki as I walked out. “Why do you hate me Yuuki?”
    Yuuki stopped and burst into laughter. Everyone in the plane looked at him. “I don’t hate you.” He replied. “I just despise you.”
    I looked at him in sorrow. “Oh,”
    He poked my arm. “Kidding.” He then continued off the plane, and I just held my arm.
    Arriving in the hotel back in Tokyo, we all set our stuff down and sat on the floor. Takuya was looking up and so obviously thinking.
    “Wanna practice?” Yuuki asked. “We have a concert pretty soon in Tokyo, right?”
    I was still looking at Takuya. I didn’t notice everyone calling my name until Kanon picked up his bass and walked up to me with it in the air. “WHAT!?” I yelled. He put it down and sighed.
    “What the hell is up with you?” He asked.
    “Sorry.” I looked up with my beady eyes. “I just feel kinda… Things have been weird lately.”
    “We can see that.” Teruki replied, walking out the door. “I’m getting a coffee.”
    “I’ll come,” Yuuki followed, and so did Kanon. I smiled and looked at Takuya. He was still looking up. “You okay Miku?”
    “I don’t know,” I took a breath. “Let’s get ready for band practice.”
    When everyone was in the room, the instruments we’re all set up. We all got to them. Yuuki toiled with his keyboard as we all got ready. “Let’s practice Nyappy in the World, ok?”
    “Okay, Kanon,” I replied. Just as we we’re starting, I dazed, and the words came to my head, but nothing came out of my mouth. I struggled, but I couldn’t. They played ahead, and finally I threw the microphone down.
    “Takuya!” I yelled. “I love you!”
    The whole room went silent. Takuya blushed. “Oh, Uhh…” He didn’t reply. “Miku, I, umm,”
    “Spit it out.” Kanon hissed.
    “I love you too.”
    Everyone gasped. I looked back at them all, their shocked faces. Kanon’s jaw dropped, Yuuki looked scared, and Teruki just looked disappointed. Takuya put his head down.
    “And you didn’t tell us that you we’re gay because…” Teruki finally said.
    “He didn’t have to…” Takuya turned his head. “I mean, Miku…”
    “Teruki!” I gave one of those lovey-dovey smiles and felt myself cry ice cold tears, and I ran to him. He opened his arms, and hugged me.
    “Cold tears, it looks like.” Yuuki hissed. “Just like his heart.”
    “I’m happy for you two and all but…”
    Takuya looked up at Teruki. When he saw Takuya, he stopped talking.
    “Miku,” Kanon sighed. “Why the hell did you do this to me?”
    “I’m sorry.” I replied. “I am.”
    “Not a good excuse.” Kanon threw down his bass. I sighed and watched Teruki and Yuuki follow him, all 3 walking out the door. Yuuki, the last one out, slammed the door behind him. Takuya gave a breath in sorrow.
    “I’m really sorry.” I looked up at him. Takuya laughed lowly and kissed my head.
    “Leave them out of this. They’ll come back.”
    “And if they don’t?”
    “Let’s look at the pros, not the cons.”
    I nodded and hugged him tighter. He just held me gently. All this was too soon. I didn’t want this; I knew everyone’d hate me. Takuya put his hands on my face and lifted it up. “We’ll be fine.” He kissed my forehead.
    “I take it I’m the uke.” I laughed.
    “I guess.”
    We looked at each other for a long moment, and then he lowered his face to mine. I stood on my toes, and we closed our eyes, and he wrapped his arms around my waist, and I did the same to him. Hoping Yuuki closed the door all the way; Takuya leaned closer, and gently kissed my lips. I turned my head a little, and he held me closer. Just then, we heard the door creek open, and a gasp.
    “Wow,” We both turned when we heard Yuuki. “Umm… Sorry, but this is, umm, ugh, sorry…” He sneaked out, closing the door.
    “Where we’re we then?” Takuya asked. I let him start this time, and then we heard a scream.
    It was Kanon. I knew it. Quickly we pulled away and sat on the bed. Takuya grabbed his guitar and I sat by him. We acted like we we’re practicing. Kanon burst the door open.
    “You two— “ He looked at us, and then saw what we we’re doing.
    “Oh,” I smiled. “Hey. We we’re just practicing.”
    Kanon and Teruki turned to Yuuki. “What did you say now?” Kanon asked.
    I smiled as Yuuki stuttered to find an excuse. The three finally gave up and we all continued practice as if that never happened.
    After practice, the others went into the separate room and slept on the floor. Takuya came in the room I was sitting in as everyone else slept.
    “Hello Miku.” He smiled.
    “Taku.” I replied. He smiled and looked down. “Lyrics.” I replied before he even spoke. “I like this song.”
    “It’s Daybreak.” Takuya sat by me.
    “Yes.” I replied. He looked at the sheet of paper and began singing. He then stood and left, and when he came back, he had his guitar. He began playing and then, at that part where the words began, I sang. Takuya smiled and looked at me as I sang. “Miku,” He interrupted, but I didn’t stop. “I love you.”
    “I love you too.” I smiled and then picked up on the song. He stopped me once more by leaning over to me and holding my face.
    “I really do.” He smiled.
    I nodded, unknowing what to say. He held my face once more with both hands, and then gently kissed me. I let him and surrendered to him, and I wrapped my arms around his neck. When we broke away, we just looked at each other, and I looked at the paper.
    “Daybreak.” Takuya murmured.
    “Our song,” I replied. He nodded, and once more I let him take me, and he gently caressed me with another kiss before I realized how right everything was.